Mehek 23rd May Thursday Update 2019

Mahek is standing outside house and is weeping. Guard comes to her and says sit in my cabin, its cold outside here, Mahek says no thank you, you do your duty but can you bring my scooty from inside? guards brings it, Mahek sits on her scooty, she straps helmet with determination and drives away. […]

23rd May on Twist Of Fate Thursday Update

The host of the party asks King to cut the cake. Pragya asks King to go. She thinks of Abhi and his words and thinks why do I think of him only. She thinks she is getting the feeling that abhi wants her back in his life. King cuts the cake. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s […]

This is Fate Thursday Update 23rd May 2019

Prithvi seeing that it is Janki starts to laugh, threatening him to show his future, he goes to Janki and starts to blackmail him, he takes her in the room. Rithwik says to him that he is doing things that are wrong, Prithvi says to him that she cannot help him because she is paralyzed […]

Mehek 16th May Thursday Update 2019

Vicky brings Shaurya to couch and asks if he is fine? need water? Shaurya says no, Vicky leaves. Shaurya sits on couch and drinks water but has headache. Sanjay calls Jaggi and says Shaurya is at right place, you have half an hour, if you dont do my work then i will send you where […]

16th May Thursday Update on Twist of Fate

King informs her that Abhishek Mehra came today, may be to thank you for last night help. He says Abhi was very upset and stressed. Pragya asks did he tell you? King says no and tells that one thing is confirmed that he has problem in his marriage. He asked me not to believe on […]

This is Fate Thursday Update 16 May 2019

Kartika gets a call and it is Prithvi, he asks if he could talk with Sherlin, Kartika says that she met an accident and he phone is with her, she does not recognize him, he gets relieved and then makes an excuse saying that he is her family carpenter, she is not convinced and tries […]

9th May Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate

Pragya crying in room. Abhi comes there and says I don’t listen to you as I don’t need your suggestion. He asks what happened? Pragya cries and says I am mad and don’t understand world and the worldly things. She says you made me go far me and punished me big. She says 7 years […]

Mehek 9th Thursday Update May 2019

Shaurya sits on Mahek’s bed, Mahek says this is my bed, Shaurya says all have come alone in world and will go alone, nothing in this world is yours. Mahek says Nehal is lying and sleeping on bed, Shaurya says i wont make much noise, Mahek says enough drama, leave. Shaurya says i am not […]

This is Fate Thursday Update 9th May 2019

Manisha is getting a hangover, she cannot understand why this is so, then realizes that Karan mixed something in the drink that he gave her, she thinks that she will get in a lot of trouble if she gets drunk, Prithvi is not with her, she gets angry at him for not being with her […]

2nd May Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate

Abhi says she is 21 years old. Mitali says no. Pragya tells that she knows Neha’s age. Tanu come and asks Pragya not to interfere. Abhi asks Tanu not to interfere. Mitali says she is her mum and knows her betterment. Neha says I am 21 years now. Mitali says I will tell you about […]