Meet In Love Thursday Update 22 February 2024

Neelu in kitchen chopping vegetables. Meet Ahlawat and Meet walks to her. Meet try to explain her why you should tell about the crime committed to her and ask her about culprit. Neelu get’s anxious. Meet says you can trust me with the culprits name. Neelu get’s scared. Meet ask her again and again and says you don’t have to be scared. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet we will talk to her when she ready. Meet says no she have raise her voice and start asking her again. Neelu get’s scared.

Ragini in police station ask Inspector about the issue. Inspector give her letter says we got this from that lady, your name was written on it so we called you. Ragini in shock after seeing letter, Ragini get’s call from Ram but she disconnects. Inspector says we did raid in Rave party and this girl gave us your name. Inspector ask constable to call the girl.


Neelu scared says I cannot tell anything. Meet Ahlawat stops Meet says don’t push her she is traumatized we will talk to her when she is ready. Meet Ahlawat says to Neelu calm down, get up nobody will say anything, we will talk to you later on this topic please get up for now. Neelu get up and walks out. Meet thinks we have to ask her so that she can fight for herself, the way you protected her today she won’t tell a word, she have the face.

Hoshiyar outside his house ask his friends to leave and says I’m not going anywhere. His friends ask him to come with them and watch Laila’s dance. Hoshiyar ask them to leave. He see Meet standing and staring at uim. Hoshiyar walks to her. Meet says to him I thought you look at girls with respect. Hoshiyar says I have to share room with them because of my condition, I don’t go anywhere and please don’t tell Masum about this. Meet ask him about Laila. Hoshiyar tell her about Laila’s condition and situation, he walks inside.

Meet Ahlawat helping Neelu to lie down. Meet Ahlawat says take rest I’ll talk to Meet so that she don’t force you do say anything. Meet Ahlawat helping her to set her pillow. Laila awakes and push him so that he fall over her. Laila thinks this is the first step for making you mine.

Meet says I have to take Meet Ahlawat to bar so that he can meet Laila and know her story which makes easy for him to understand why girls should raise there voice.

Ragini in shock after seeing a girl. Inspector ask Ragini to sign papers. Inspector says you can take her eith you. Ragini start walking. Girl stops her says I thought you will hug me after meeting, you look like you are tensed but don’t worry it’s us meeting first time now tell everyone who am I I’m coming with you to your house. Ragini say no I can’t take you home, after so many years we are happy and if you did anything everything will be ruined, I can promise to meet you but can’t take you there. Girl says everything is about you what about me you are not worried about, you scared how you can tell about me to everyone what is our relation right. Ragini says I just want some time, she give her money says go and stay in hotel I’ll come and meet you. She says keep this with you because you don’t deserve to say anything now go from here. Ragini leavyand ask her not to come to home.

Ram waiting for Ragini. Ragini walks inside. Ram ask where were what happen. Ragini says I went to temple to serve food among the begger in name of that baby. Ram says you must have told me I was worried. Everyone sit in pooja Ragini feeling anxious. Pandit says let’s begin with the ceremony. Raj give basket with all the name chits and says baby will choose her name. Everyone excited. Baby choose one slip. Raj take the slip says from now own her name will be Shwetlana. Masum get’s excited says I wrote that name and tell the story behind that name. Hoshiyar laughs at her and ask Meet to take one more slip. Meet says I’m sorry rules are rules. Pandit ask to write baby’s name on thali. Masum about to write the name but someone else write a name Mishri on thali. Ragini in shock after seeing Ishani. Masum get’s angry and ask who are you. She says I’m Ishani and Ragini will explain you who I’m after all she got me here. Ram ask Ragini do you know her, is she your relative. Ishani says wait I’ll tell being quiet is not the solution and ask Ragini will you tell them or should I. Ragini says daughter.