Lost in Love Thursday Update February 15th 2024

Ishan asks Isha to sign the papers. Isha is shocked to see divorce papers and asks can she know if Dr Ishan Bhosale or Ishan Shantanu Bhosale brought these papers. Ishan says it doesn’t matter and asks her to sign as he doesn’t have much time. Isha says Bhosale usually don’t have time, Surekha and Yashwant are eager to break her and Shantanu’s marriage, Yashwant and Nishikant were in such a hurry not to listen to herr and left an important meeting. She asks if he really wants his parents to divorce. Ishan says yes. Ishan says yes.

Isha says he doesn’t know what a big Yashwant and Nishikant are doing in this college, son. Ishan says he is not her son and only Surekha has a right to call her son, he knows she hates him and is trying to fill poison against his family, he will not let her succeed. He walks away asking her to sign the documents, he will come later and collect them. Isha breaks down and signs the documents.

Yashwant frowns recalling Isha challenging to submit her report to the education department tonight and Ishan performing aarti with Isha. Surekha shouts how dare that woman is to perform aarti with Ishan, why didn’t Ishan stop Isha. Yashwant says it’s not Ishan’s mistake but Isha’s. Surekha says it’s both Isha and her puppet Savi’s efforts to reunite Isha and Ishan, they shall get Isha’s signatures on divorce papers as soon as possible and end all the ties with Isha. Yashwant says more than divorce papers, they need to stop Isha from submitting the report to the government or else their college would be in trouble and will stop getting government funds. He scolds Nishi for failing to stop Isha and giving him fake promises. Nishi calls his aide and orders him to attack Isha. He assures Yashwant that Isha will not reach education department.

Yashwant and Surekha search for Asmita and Shikha. They both walk to her. Surekha scolds them and says they shall go home now. Shikha says she took oath to perform 101 parikrama around Bappa’s idol for Chinmay. Surekha says if so, she and Asmita can stay back and leaves for home. Asmita asks Shikha if she lied to meet Isha. Shikha says she really misses Chinmay and hopes he returns from USA soon ending his tiff with Yashwant. Asmita hopes so and says let us meet Isha now. Savi asks Navya why was she missing during aarti. Navya says she got reporter Sheela madam’s assistant’s call and went out to pick her, but she wasn’t present here. Savi says it’s weird that Sheela madam was present herself here and not assistant, she need to find out who burnt ganapati pandal curtains. Asmita and Shikha meet Savi and praise her for getting Isha and Ishan perform aarti together. They wish to meet Isha. Savi says she will message Isha to meet them at the cafeteria and takes them along.

Isha walks out of college recalling Ishan’s hatred for her. Ishan walks to Isha’s cabin and finds her signed divorce papers. He walks out in search of her. Mandar’s goon shoots Isha and speeds away. Ishan notices Isha falling down, runs, and holds her. He breaks down calling her aayi/mother and rushes her to hospital. Shikha and Asmita wait for Isha and ask Savi when will Isha come. Savi calls Isha and says she is not picking her call. Shikha gets Surekha’s call and leaves for home with Asmita.

Ishan rushes Isha towards hospital when a Ganapati procession blocks traffic. He requests devotees to let his vehicle pass on as there is an injured patient inside. They don’t listen to him. He picks a police constable’s mic and makes an announcement. Constable helps him pass on. Ishan reaches hospital. Doctor rushes her to OT and asks Ishan if he is patient’s relative. Ishan says no. Doctor asks him to call the relative then to sign the papers.

Nishishant informs Yashwant that Ishan had called and informed that Isha is shot in the college premises and he took her to the hospital. Yashwant says it’s a bad news for them. Savi thinks why Isha didn’t pick her call. Ishan calls her and asks her to reach City Hospital soon as someone Isha shot and he brought her to the hospital. Savi shatters hearing that.