Mehek 22nd May Wednesday Update 2019

Shaurya comes home and proudly walk up the stairs. Karona says even no king couldnt go with their ego, they had to bow down so Shaurya is nothing, what we saw in this world, we have to reap here only. God can make you repay anytime and make you fall from your heights in a […]

22nd May on Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update

Abhi says the more you say that Kiara is King’s daughter, the more I feel she is my daughter, like you are my wife. He says that Pragya who came to Police station is my Pragya, for whom I am everything. She says Dadi used to call you Savitri. Pragya says but I am not […]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 22nd May 2019

Pritvhi hugs Sherlin and sees someone standing beside the door, he pushes Sherlin on the bed, Preeta is left shocked. Prithvi throws Sherlin on the bed, Preeta enters and sees them together, HE starts to make an excuse by saying that Sherlin was crying, he starts to explain that he was only passing by when […]

Mehek 15th May Wednesday Update 2019

Vicky is sleeping and snoring, Shurti is irritated and cant sleep, door knocks. Vaitlana comes in her room and says to Shurti that if you sleep tonight then you will be deadbody, Shurti says atleast respect our privacy, Vaitlana says your privacy is public in my account, listen to me if you want Shaurya, i […]

15th May Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate

Chachi asking King to do something else everything will be ruined. King shouts calling Pragya’s name. Pragya wakes up and thinks why Mr. Singh is angry. Tarun comes to Pragya’s room and tells that mom don’t want my sangeet and marriage to happen. Pragya says she will talk to her. Tarun says mom told King […]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 15 May 2019

Prithvi calms himself down, he again calls but no one picks the phone, Karan is passing by and he seeing the ringing picks it up, Prithvi after the call is picked starts to sing without asking who it is, Karan hearing Prithvi’s heartily wishes gets really paranoid and when he makes him listen to his […]

Mehek 8th Wednesday Update May 2019

At night, Mahek is lying in bed and recalls Shaurya’s deeds and staying at her home. In porch, Shaurya is thinking about Mahek too, how she gets worried for him. Mahek recalls how Shaurya claimed that he will win her, she wipes her tears. Shaurya is playing with puppy, agar tum saath ho song plays. […]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 8th May 2019

Prithvi says that he will explain it to him a soon as he gets back, when Prithvi turns Karan is standing behind him. Rithwick gets angry and says that he will not let Prithvi destroy his life and will take back his girlfriend and will even fight Karan, he looks at the card for he […]

8th May Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate

King asks Pragya to wash kumkum from her forehead. Dadi says let it be as it is a sign of married woman. King asks why? Pragya asks him not to ask many questions. Abhi signs at Pragya. King asks her to come. Tanu thinks everyone is welcoming Pragya and ignoring her. She thinks I have […]

1st May Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate

Pragya hears goons’ voice and alerts Abhi. Abhi asks Tarun and Neha to run and asks him not to let anything happen to her. Pragya tells Abhi that they shall hide and distract them. Goons search for them. Abhi and Pragya hide. Abhi and Pragya hiding from goons in jungle. Goons search for him. Tiger […]