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King of hearts Update Wednesday 24th July 2019

Roshni getting intimate with Sid and asking him to hold his hand once more, she will never separate from him for life. He says he wanted to hear this [...]

Mehek Wednesday Update 24th July 2019

Ajay misbehaves with Mahek, Mahek loses her mind and shouts at him. Mahek goes and close gates of house. Jeevan and Ravi reaches their house. They se [...]

Mehek Wednesday Update 17th July 2019

Nikki tells what is happening you both should talk out and clear the things…Mahek comes and ask excatly I want to know what’s happening…she stars cryi [...]

kindred heart Wednesday Update 17th July 2019

Adi shows file to Jhanvi, he says Nisha broke kids FD, she got money from that FD and gave it to her father then put that money in Kaka’s cupboard and [...]

Mehek Wednesday Update 10th July 2019

Mahek tears menu and says we will see at the end of the day about who is wasting time. Mohit and Nehal are in stable and searching for dried cow du [...]

King of hearts Wednesday Update 10th July 2019

Roshni trying to set fire off from her matchstick house model and burning her hands. Yash stops her and continues touching her. Biji sees that and get [...]

kindred heart Wednesday Update 10th July 2019

Nisha cries and says Adi i didnt want to hit you, i don’t know yoyr condition now, she cleans car’s bonnet and says Adi I didnt want you to bring my t [...]

3rd July Wednesday Update on The heir

Chandar asks Bebe shall I go and see Simran. Raman removes his fake moustache. Chandar walks upstairs. Simran falls and Raman holds her. Simran get [...]

3rd July Wednesday Update on King of hearts

Simran  thinking of getting Sid’s sign on divorce papers to get him rid of Roshni. She keeps them under legal documents. Sid comes and takes legal doc [...]

3rd Mehek July Wednesday Update 2019

Shaurya’s letter which he had written for Mahek falls from his pocket, he doesnt see and leaves. Kanta comes there and sees letter on floor, she takes [...]
1 2 3 14 10 / 139 POSTS