Lost In Love Wednesday Update 30 November 2023


Lost In Love Wednesday Update 30 November 2023

Satya tells Virat that he feels Virat and Sai should reunite as they have a happy family and he doesn’t want to be a reason of their family’s breakup. He says he tried to explain this to Sai, but she is not ready to listen as she thinks taking care of him is her responsibility due to their marriage; Sai thinks its her duty to take care of him, Virat knows how much Sai loves Virat even now. Virat says he doesn’t know what Satya is talking about. Satya says his and Sai’s marriage is just a deal and Sai didn’t marry him because she loves him, its just a mutual understanding. Virat says he saw how comfortable they are with each other. Satya says its just his imagination that tend to happen when one usually loves someone immensely. He says Sai wanted to save Vinu’s family and hence got out of Virat and Pakhi’s way, but when Pakhi is not there, he thinks they should reunite. Virat asks if he spoke to Sai about it. Satya says he did, but Sai thinks getting him well is her responsibility, but he doesn’t want her to stay with him without love and hence wants Vira to convince Sai.


Virat says he wants Sai to take a decision herself as he tried once to forcefully convince her but failed miserably. Satya says he wants Virat and Sai get their true love like his aayi and baba got after years. He asks Virat to think about it and leaves. Virat feels guilty thinking he forced Sai to compromise and have a marriage of understanding and himself was in an unwanted relationship with Pakhi. He thinks he doesn’t know how to convince Sai. At Chavan nivas, Vinu refuses to have food and says Sai and Savi are going to Germany on a vacation leaving him alone here, nobody is bothered about him. Ashwini fails to convince him. Bhavani as usual accuses Sai for the problem. Ashwini asks her to stop her hypocrisy and blame game, Sai and Virat know what they want, Vinu is happy with Virat and Savi is happy with Savi, even they are there to take care of Vinu. She just hopes Vinu calms down and has food.

Sai packs her and Savi’s bags. Savi brings Virat’s shirts and says they both can keep the shirts in their bags and wear it whenever they miss Virat, it has Virat’s perfume smell and can imagine him in the shirt. Sai feels emotional. Ashwini says she wants to visit temple and pray Bappa to reunite Virat and Sai for their children’s sake. Ninad asks how is it possible when Sai is already married. Ashwini says there is nothing impossible for Bappa and prays that her wish is fulfilled soon. Next day, Sai with Satya and Savi meet family before leaving home. Amba asks why are they leaving so early at 8 a.m. when the flight is at 2 p.m. Sai says she will meet Vinayak first and then go to airport. Amba says she doesn’t feel good sending them far away and asks Sai to return soon after getting Satya well. Ramakanth plans to blast the plane.