Monday 25th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar’s residence All gather in the drawing room, as they are tensed, as to how their lights got switched off, when there is light in the neighbourhood. ganga asks him to check the fuse, if there is some issue. Pulkit asks for a torch. just then, rudra comes looking for ragini, and gets berserk. they […]

25th Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Tanu waking up in the morning and thinks she got much drunk last night. She looks at herself in the mirror and comes downstairs calling Sunny. She asks Sunny if he did this? Everyone laugh. Mitali says she is looking dangerous. Disha says our Sunny didn’t do anything. Tanu says Mother came to defend her […]

Monday 25th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Neil laughs over Karan and Rishab. They argue with each other, blaming one another when Neil and goons open fire over them. They run to save their lives. Preeta could sense something was wrong and hear Neil order his men to shoot any of them at sight. Sameer and Shrishti had been tied again. Shrishti […]

Monday 18th Update on This is Fate

Preeta requests Tapsi to tell the truth, it’s about her life. Tapsi promises Preeta she won’t let Preeta’s life ruin, she would call her a bad luck. She should have beautiful memories of engagement, but a few memories have to be sharp. Prithvi wish he had killed Tapsi. Tapsi tells Preeta that Prithvi cut her […]

Monday 18th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar comes inside the Haveli. He hears some sound. Mehri is tied up and thrown in a corner. He frees her. She asks him to go save Ganga. Her life is in danger. He tells her to stay here only. Palash makes Ganga stand while she is still crying. You have no choice now. It […]

18th Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi says I will talk to your mummy and handle her. He gets a call and says I am going upstairs now. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi with Kiara, but don’t see his face. Pragya seeing Kiara going with Abhi in the lift, but don’t see his face. Abhi tells Kiara that he is […]

4th March Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya cries in front of Aaliya holding the doll which Abhi considered as Pragya. She brings Abhi’s favorite jacket which she had stolen, it has Abhi’s fragrance. She cries that there is no fragrance, life seems so empty here. She can’t even see the mirror, as she looks at herself with Abhi’s eyes now. Everything […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 25th February 2019

Sagar is talking to his client. He looks for a pen but he dint bring any other. On the other hand, Ganga’s pen is not working. She writes the paper with the pen given by Sagar. Mora Piya plays in the background. Sagar watches Ganga studying hard for her exams while talking on phone. She […]

Twist of Fate Monday Update 25 February 2019

Simonika says she is not married and can’t leave her mother. Pragya says whenever Abhi was attacked, you was near him. Simonika says I got related to you emotionally and thought of myself as your young sister and tried to help you. She says I am upset with you, but I understand that you have […]

This is Fate Monday Update 25 February 2019

Karan explains to Preeta that he wanted to get her a punch box but didn’t find it today. Preeta asks why he wanted to punch her. Karan insists she is worth it, he had to come for her so late at night. She was being upset for him. Preeta and Karan argue and finally Preeta […]