Strings of Love Thursday Update February 1st 2024

Seerat recalls guest misbehaving with her and Angad trashing the guest while Garry watches silently and then her hugging Angad in front of everyone. Japjyoth with Jasleen walks to her. Seerat says whatever she did was to save family’s dignity, she replaced Sahiba when Sahiba didn’t return home on time. Jasleen says her DIL is sensible and she is proud of her. Japjyoth says they all saw Seerat’s effort to protect family’s dignity, she doesn’t have to apologizes anyone. She asks why did she hug Angad.

Jasleen says Mark was misbehaving with Seerat, Angad punished Mark and protected Seerat, so Seerat hugged Angad to thank him. Seerat says Jasleen is right. Garry walks in. Japjyoth scolds him for roaming around instead of being with his wife and says it was his duty to protect his wife, but Angad had to protect Seerat. Garry says he is with Seerat, she can go and rest. Japjyoth leaves.

Sahiba walks to Akaal’s room and pleads Japjyoth to let her speak to Akaal. Japjyoth refuses and says she failed to follower duty as a DIL and wife. Sahiba asks why Angad is being punished because of her. Japjyoth says husband has to pay for wife’s mistakes, Akaal and Angad are not in talking terms because of Sahiba, Sahiba has to find some way to clear their differences. Seerat confronts Garry for blindly watching his being humiliated by Mark. Garry says she must have felt good with Mark’s attention.

Seerat says he should be ashamed of himself for letting his wife being touched by a stranger and she feels only Angad is a man in this house. Garry says she should go to Angad itself and says he doesn’t care if someone touches her or she spends a night with someone else, she is same opportunistic and selfish Shimlapuri girl for him. Seerat starts crying and thinks she should have married Angad instead of Garry. She decides to inform Angad about Garry’s atrocities towards her and walks towards his room.

Angad gets out of bathroom shirtless and asks servant to give him his shirt. Seerat walks in and gives him shirt. Sahiba notices that and asks what is she doing here. Seerat says she came to thank Angad. Sahiba says she should respect other’s privacy and have knocked the door and come in. Seerat asks what is wrong if she comes to thank Angad. Manveer walks in and says she had caught Seerat once before similarly and warns her to stay away from Angad. Seerat walks away crying. Gurleen notices her crying and asks if she is still upset with Mark’s misbehavior. Seerat says she is upset with Sahiba’s misbehavior. Family gathers. Manveer says she and Sahiba caught her in Angad’s room without permission. Japjyoth asks if she is upset with Manveer scolding her. Seerat says she is upset with Sahiba’s misbehavior.

Sahiba says she just asked Seerat to knock the door before entering the room and respect other’s privacy. Japjyoth and whole family accuse Sahiba and demand to apologize Seerat. Sahiba gets adamant tthat she didn’t make any mistake and hence will not apologize. Even Angad insists Sahiba to apologize Seerat. Japjyoth says Sahiba is refusing even Akaal’s order to apologize Seerat. Sahiba tells Seerat that she doesn’t have any problem apologizing her elder sister and would have spoken to her to respect privacy after some time, she is sorry for that. Brars continue to verbally abuse Sahiba.