Meet In Love Thursday Update 29 February 2024

Meet in garden trying to figure out how to find Meet Ahlawat, she says only Neelu is the way to find him let’s figure out where she is admitted. Meet call multiple hospital and take enquiry about Neelu Ahlawat. Meet thinks I have to dind some other way to find Neelu.

Ragini talking to Sunaina about Meet Ahlawat, she pray to God for him and ask to send him back. Sunaina says don’t worry he will be back and ask Ragini do you think Meet did this. Ragini says I have faith in her she is not wrong. Sunaina says but we can’t forget Neelu is calm and innocent every evidence is against her this feels like she did everything. Meet hear everything she says to Sunaina I’ll bring out truth but for that I need help if my family, to find Meet Ahlawat I must know where Neelu is please tell me. Sunaina says I’m sorry Meet we can’t take risk. Ragini walks to Meet says I know you won’t do anything wrong but please understand Babita don’t want you to know where Neelu is. Ishani walks to Meet says she won’t tell you anything, listen to me do whatever you want to do I believe in you, if you need anything let me know I’ll stand by yourself.


Laila in hospital with Meet Ahlawat.

Raj sitting in garden. Meet walks to him says till now I was able to fight in every situation because you were beside me, you still believe on in me right, whatever I’m saying is true. Raj says you have always given to this house never took anything and become of that I took your status of daughter in law but I told you earlier you are my son and whatever is mine its your, your father was with you and will be I believe you did nothing wrong liev always.

Goon give money to ward boy. They leave Laila, Meet Ahlawat in a room. Laila signal goon to walk out. Laila and Meet Ahlawat in room alone. Meet Ahlawat unconscious.

Meet says I won’t step back in this fight I’ll bring back Meet Ahlawat from Neelu, tomorrow is diwali night and he will only light diya in this house I’ll bring him back.

Laila tie bandage in his forehead says you won’t be able to reach my Meet Ahlawat, she cover his whole face with bandage.

Barfi and Babita together in room. Babita says my son must be in trouble because of Meet if in next 24 hours she didn’t return my son then nobody can save her from me.

Raj says to Meet remember one thing I’ll always with you now I’m worried about one thing how we will find out where Meet Ahlawat is, as Babita ask everyone not to help you so how we will know where Neelu is and do you believe Neelu did everything.

Babita says to Barfi I trust she will try to fins out about Neelu, I have decided to stay around Neelu in hospital then I’ll see how she will come to her. Barfi thinks I’m dead I accused Meet to save my daughter from everyone but if Babita go to hospital and Laila talk to her then everyone will know about her condition. Barfi says to Babita everyone is worried because of Meet and Raj is heart patient and if you will go to hospital then who will look after him, you stay here keep and eye on her I’ll go and stay with Neelu, don’t worry about that. Babita says okay.

Meet says to Raj I believe Neelu did everything and to know about her hospital’s location I have a plan. Raj says tell me I’ll do everything for you.

Raj and Meet outside Masums room. Raj walks inside. Masum get’s excited after seeing Raj in her room. Raj start acting infront of her and portray Meet as wrong infront of her. Masum thinks I didn’t Meet Ahlawat getting kidnapped will be benifit for me, anyway now my value will be increased in this house. Raj says to Masum, Meet will come to ask you where Neelu is admitted. Masum says I’m not that stupid, I won’t tell her she is admitted in Sarthi Charitable Hospital. Raj ask her about room number. Masum says it’s room number 15. Raj says you are so intelligent from now on I’ll tell you all my secrets and he hugs her.