Sunday Update 26th May on Mehek

Mahek acts drunk and says to Shaurya that you did drama at my house and now its my turn. Mahek goes to stage and starts seductively dancing on Laila mein laila, Shaurya angrily looks at her. All are enjoying Mahek’s sensual dance on stage, Mahek smirks at Shaurya. Chef comes to Shaurya.. Shaurya turns around […]

This is Fate Sunday Update 26th May 2019

Prithvi says that they both can never become husband and wife, the robber says that Prithvi is wrong and they both will surely get married, the partner ties them both he apologizes to Karan promising that he will help him in return for a photo. Their boss asks them to come and discuss something important, […]

Mehek 19th May Sunday Update 2019

PD says Shaurya best of luck, our old Delhi’s Mahek is coming, Mahek smiles and leaves. Mahek is dressed in heavy bridal dress and riding scooty with helmet on, oh womaniya plays. She is going to Shaurya’s house. Shaurya is having lunch, he is eating sandwich, he asks Karona to have lunch with him, Karona […]

19th May on Twist Of Fate Sunday Update

King recalls Kiara’s words and thinks may be she is acting to be sleep. He thinks to talk to her and lighten his heart. Abhi and Pragya think about each other. Jab tak Jahan me….plays… Abhi telling that he loves Kiara very much and loves her Mamma also, but she is very stubborn and not […]

This is Fate Sunday Update 19 May 2019

Shrishti and Rishab are in the room and trying to connect the cameras, they are able to succeed and see Prithvi, they are left shocked, Dadi is not letting Manisha go away from the room, she stops her and doesnot let her leave, Rishab asks Shrishti to go and follow Prithvi, she agrees, then she […]

Mehek 12th May Sunday Update

Mahek is getting dizzy after eating what Vaitlana gave her. Shaurya looks at her and smiles, Mahek tries to smile, he notices something odd and hints at her, she nods in no. Mahek comes to Shaurya but falls down. Kanta makes her drink water, Pd says she didnt eat anything thats why felt dizzy. Mahek […]

12th May Sunday Update on Twist of Fate

Abhi prays to God in the temple and says someone said that you help those who are in much need, and asks how she can bear surgery and treatment as she is young. He asks her to save Kiara and give him happiness. He pleads infront of God. Pragya thinks she did a mistake by […]

This is Fate Sunday Update 12 May 2019

Preeta thinks that why did she lie, and not tell everyone the truth that is in her heart. Rishab says to Karan that if she was a member in their house then she would take care of him very much, Rishab leaves and Karan thinks of why he said this and that he will ask […]

Mehek 5th Sunday Update May 2019

Ravi insists Khanna to drink wine with him, Khanna says dont misbehave, Kanta asks Ravi to behave, Ravi says just drink one glass with me sir, Khanna gets angry and slaps him. Mahek and Shaurya comes there and sees this, Shaurya get angry. Jeevan comes there drunk and says he got slapped. Shaurya says how […]