Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 20th Jan 2019

Pragya telling that she is Pragya and have proofs also. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is Pragya. Aaliya says she is Munni. Pragya asks NGO women to look at her mangalsutra, sindoor and marriage pics. She says in the initial days of marriage, he didn’t like her, but she thought she will adjust. She says […]

Sunday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv Serials 13th Jan 2019

Ganga follows Amma ji on the streets. She keeps crying for Sagar. She rushes to meet pundit ji. Ganga keeps asking her what she wants. Amma ji finally gets to know where her pundit ji is. She tells Ganga to leave her. Stop following me. where is Maharaj ji? Ganga points at a pundit ji. […]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 13th Jan 2019

Pragya thinks car started. Disha asks Purab to get up and tells that Pragya was locked in the car and gone with them. Purab says they shall go and sit in the car. Aaliya says much time is wasted because of the girl. She says once she gets the property, this will be shraddhanjali to […]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 13th December 2019

Mr. Luthra was enjoying sweets in the kitchen. He hides underneath the shelf as Karan comes there. He notices Mr. Mehra there and asks to join him in the party. Mr. Mehra complains Rakhi never let him enjoy when she prepares such tasty Laddu. Rishab was passing by the kitchen and teases why he has […]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 6th January 2019

The girls try their best, cry and plead the police not to take Sarla. Dadi ji joins hands to Rakhi requesting to save Sarla as she is innocent. Rishab joins his hands and requests Dadi ji not to take any tension and instead take a seat. Shrishti runs behind the van and fell down on […]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 6th January 2019

Prabha asks lady to have patience, she is pure devotee, she will donate real money, not stones. Prabha sees Ratan praying and hides the 10rs. She puts a one rupee coin in charity box and apologizes to Lord. She says she needs money, sorry, I will take some money from this box. The pandit sees […]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate 6th January 2019

Pragya comes to Aaliya’s room and asks what you both are doing here? Tanu says Aaliya made plan to kill disha and appreciates Pragya for her plan. She says if Disha wouldn’t have been here, then Aaliya would have problem to kill her. Aaliya says yes, you are right and thanks Pragya. She says Disha […]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 30 December 2018

Karan comes inside looking for his cell phone, Preeta had just come out after changing. He says he only came in to look for his cell phone, Preeta argues it must be in his pocket. Preeta was about to check his pocket then thinks she must not get so close to him. She finds his […]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 30th December 2018

Niru looks angrily at him. He holds Raj’s collar. Stop acting! I left Barkha with you last night. I don’t know what happened once I left from there. I only know that you only killed her! Raj denies. I haven’t met her since last 2 days. I am not lying. You are lying. Who are […]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate 30th December 2018

Dasi asks Dadi why she is worried. Dadi says whatever happened today was not good. She says ghatbandhan caught fire and havan fire was set off. She says something wrong happened or going to happen. Dasi says even she used to think this, but seeing Pragya and Abhi happy, her doubts gets cleared. Aaliya and […]