Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 19th Jan 2019

Aaliya blaming Tanu for giving stress to Abhi and for his accident. Tanu says it was her plan too. They come to the hospital. Aaliya blames everyone for not informing her and says she is his sister. Tanu blames Munni. Dasi asks them to be quiet. Doctor comes out. Raj asks how is the patient? […]

Saturday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv Shows 12th Jan 2019

  Niru feels bad. I spoke so rudely to Amma ji. I will have to apologize to her first thing as soon as I reach home. Sagar realises why Dadi was crying yesterday. I wont tell papa anything right now though. Madhvi says she was only doing it for my good. You dint behave right […]

Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 12th Jan 2019

Raj goes out of room. Pragya and others follow. They see him going to Mitali’s room and spy on him. Raj thinks if Mitali is awake. She talks in sleeps and asks mummy ji, please return my jewellery. Raj removes the Burqa. Purab and others are shocked to see him and leave. Mitali wakes up […]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 12th December 2019

There, Deepak was waiting for Preeta. He was curt that she has been away for hours now. He thinks it was his mistake, when she slapped him he shouldn’t have left but slapped her in return. She must accept him as her fiancé, he can’t let her wander freely in the streets of Mumbai. He […]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 5th January 2019

Ganga talks to Jalebi Prasad. She stops Sagar. I will wear it. You brought it for me with so much love so I will wear it. He asks about Dadi’s reaction. She says your friendship matters more to you than Dadai’s anger. I will wear them under my saree. He gets happy. He tries to […]

Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate 5th January 2019

Dasi telling that she is feeling something wrong happening. She tells that Purab and Disha are staying in the hotel. Abhi says they must have went to have honeymoon. Dasi says when she went to Gurudwara, she saw them on the way and both were looking tensed. Dadi says you would have called them here. […]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 5th January 2019

Preeta understands Karan is hiding the ring and for right purpose. Sherlin asks what they are doing so close to each other. Karan says they just started dating, and was about to kiss her over her cheek. Sherlin curtly thinks she got the younger brother if she couldn’t get Rishab. Sherlin leaves. Preeta walks inside. […]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 29 December 2018

A goon comes from behind and was about to hit Karan but stops, inspired by Karan. Karan says he came to take this girl, shall he? The goon allows. They run forward but Sanju and mates had arrived to gather them. Karan covers Preeta behind him, soon the siren of police mobile is heard. Karan […]

Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate 29th December 2018

Pragya teasing Sangram Singh. Police comes there. Purab asks Inspector to arrest Sangram and his goons. Sangram runs and escapes. Inspector says we will catch him. Disha thanks Munni for saving everyone. Dadi apologizes to her for thinking her wrong. Dasi says you have proved that you are our Pragya. Aaliya thinks if she is […]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 22 December 2018

Sudha angrily walks inside the ashram. She tries to set Ganga’s books on fire. She is paving a way towards her death. She tells Sagar that Ganga will not come with him to his home ever. Pishi Ma asks her what she is saying. Sudha scolds Ganga for taking up this challenge. If you lose […]