Mehek 25th May Saturday Update 2019

Mohit is packing stuff. Jeevan asks what are you doing? you are not father if you wear same size of shoes as mine, he asks works to put things back from tempo, Mohit says Mahek asked me to bring her stuff so i am taking it, Balwant says we want to know what that Shaurya […]

This is Fate Saturday Update 25th May 2019

Karan opens his fist to reveal a mangal sooter design he had selected. Preeta looks stunned and asks why he brought it? Karan claims to be her choice, and ties that mangal sooter around Preeta’s neck to check how it looks. Both share an intense eye lock in the mirror. Karan had locked the mangal […]

25th May on Twist Of Fate Saturday Update

Abhi thinks it is difficult to confess feelings and says he will sing, but he forgot the lines. He says I will give the tune, and you shall give the words. Pragya says no and asks him to speak the heart out. Abhi says I feel proud to be with you, I didn’t know about […]

Mehek 18th May Saturday Update 2019

Mahek is leaving Shaurya’s house when Karona calls her name. Mahek hugs Karona and says how are you maa? Karona folds her hands and says forgive me. Shaurya is looking at them from terrace, Mahek says dont do this maa, dont cry, she wipes her tears, Mahek says your son is brat, when all were […]

18th May on Twist Of Fate Saturday Update

Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her if she was worried about her husband drinking or worrying about Kiara’s truth. He says it was all drama so that I don’t know anything about Kiara. Pragya says why you are involving him. Abhi says you brought him between us, you made him fake dad. He says […]

This is Fate Saturday Update 18 May 2019

Rishab brings Manisha to the room and hands her a glass of water, he says that she is fine but She is very angry and cannot be calmed down, he then says that he will bring painkiller for her, she requests that he must let her rest on huis bed, he takes her, Rakhi sees […]

This is Fate Saturday Update 11 May 2019

Manisha was thoughtful while Ritik looks towards her. Karan and Preeta had reached outside the room. They knock at the door and calls Manisha to open the door. Prithvi holds Ritik and Manisha responsible for gathering them. Prithvi looks towards his bruised face in the mirror. Outside, Rishab says Manisha must be drunk, they should […]

Mehek 11th May Saturday Update

Mahek says i love you Shaurya, i will come down from jumping from here only, Shaurya says no i am coming, Mahek says Basanti and mummy both agree, this is great, Shaurya runs to go to her Vaitlana calls Sanjay, Sanjay asks what you want? Vaitlana says have you gone mad? you have no idea […]

11th May Saturday Update on Twist of Fate

Nikhil catches her and asks her to sit quietly. She calls Superman. Abhi hears her voice and gets worried. Kiara biting Nikhil’s hand and runs out of car. Nikhil runs behind her. Kiara shouts superman twice. Abhi hears her voice. Nikhil keeps hand on her mouth and is takes her in his car. He asks […]

This is Fate Saturday Update May 4th 2019

Rakhi now leaves the room. Manisha calls Prithvi and tells him to reach the guest room as soon as possible. Prithvi passes by Shrishti and pass a smile. Shrishti questions why is he smiling, Sarla isn’t around. Prithvi says Shrishti is there as his sister in law and deserves his smile as well. He heads […]