Unfortunate Love Thursday Update 11 January 2024


Unfortunate Love Thursday Update 11 January 2024

Rishi tells Lakshmi she is crossing the limits but she asks him to understand how she is feeling the same as she feels whenever he gets in any trouble but Rishi asks her to calm down. Malishka while driving the truck thinks today both Rishi and lakshmi are going to die. Rishi informs Lakshmi that he is going to drive carefully and knows she is still in shock, he says that he needs to leave because they would otherwise miss their flight.

Virender enters the room instructing the person to send the details of the meetings and even that Aayush would perform the meetings that Rishi used to do as he has gone for a holiday. Neelam enters the room when Virender informs her that Rishi has gone for his honeymoon, Neelam says if she has asked about his whereabouts so why is he telling her, Virender replies he forgot that she threw him out of the house, Neelam replies he has left with his own desire, Virender replies she has forced him when Neelam mentions he knows very well who has forced the other, Virender explains they both would always disagree on this so he is leaving for his meeting, Neelam stops him saying he must not talk about Rishi in front of her as she wants to forget him, Virender questions if she would be able to do it since he is her son and will she be able to do it, Neelam says that she would surely get the habit living without him, Virender says then even she should never ask him to chose either her or his son, Neelam replies she will never put him in this condition as he has shown her worth when he went to attend the wedding of Rishi, Virender informs that she knows what is her worth in his life as they have been married for a lot of years, he leaves telling Neelam that Rishi never stops him from talking about Neelam but instead advises how he must always care for her.

Sonal is waiting in the room when Kiran comes calling Malishka, she asks Sonal who is not able to say anything when Kiran questions her to tell it right now, She is worried if Malishka has gone to take her life when Sonal replies that this time Malishka has gone to take the life of both Rishi and Lakshmi, Kiran gets worried wondering who is going to forgive her as she will suffer by the hands of both Neelam and the law, Kiran gets worried questioning why did Sonal not stop her so Sonal replies that she had tried a lot to stop her but she was really furious, Kiran calls Malishka demanding that she must come back home and not harm Rishi, Malishka replies that she is going to kill Rishi and Lakshmi as they are going for their honeymoon, Kiran asks Sonal if she knows where is Rishi going when Sonal says they would be going to the airport, Kiran immediately leaves so Sonal also follows her. Malishka wonders why did Sonal revealed the truth to her mother, she thinks she has to even take care of her so she learns a lesson.

Sonal while driving the car asks Kiran what is she planning to do when Kiran mentions that there is only one way and she has to warn Rishi, Kiran tries calling Rishi.

Rishi is driving the car when Lakshmi asks him to stop the car, she immediately gets out of the car when Rishi asks what has happened so she says it is not about her superstition but she surely believes that something wrong is about to happen, Malishka wonders why did Rishi and Lakshmi step out of the car and thinks if her mother has reveled the truth.

Kiran tells Sonal that Rishi is not answering the call when Sonal says that he might be ignoring her, Kiran gets worried thinking about the reaction of Neelam if she finds out that Malishka has harmed Rishi, as she is hating her own son who left with lakshmi, Sonal asks her to not be worried as they wills top Malishka. Lakshmi says she is not wrong and something has surely happened, Rishi asks if anything has happened right now so Lakshmi replies not right now but the problem can be very close to them, Rishi says he is not able to see anything so takes the Mangal Sutur in his hand, and after repairing it once again makes Lakshmi wear it, he says this is why she was worried so asks her to calm down. Lakshmi replies it is not the case, Rishi says he knows she is nervous and even he isa bit nervous as they are starting a new part of their life, he feels they should just enjoy their life together without any problem. Rishi forces Lakshmi to sit in the car explaining they will get late for their flight, Rishi sits in the car informing how Lakshmi always says that they are good so nothing bad would happen to them and now that they are a couple, they will always live a happy life. Malishka thinks that they would not live and die that too together as a married couple.