Mehek 24th May Friday Update 2019

Mahek and Shaurya reach. Nehal opens the door. Kanta does their arti. She is about to put tilak on Shaurya. He says I am allergic to it. Mahek says apply on my face twice. One for me and one for my husband. Kanta says come in. Shaurya touches Pd’s feet. She says you ran from […]

24th May on Twist Of Fate Friday Update

Abhi goes to Purab and Disha’s room and wakes them up. He happily tells them that he was at Pragya’s house and even now Pragya was having his name still as her husband. He says then I heard King and Pragya talking and whatever I heard was more like a dream. He tells everything. Purab […]

This is Fate Friday Update 24th May 2019

Prithvi is at the door and seeing the doctor feels that Janki has got another attach and will die, Sarla sees him and tells him that Janki will soon be able to walk, he really gets scared hearing this news. Doctor leaves saying that he will come after some time to examine Janki, Prithvi is […]

Mehek 17th May Friday Update 2019

Mahek and family comes to white chili restaurant, media tries to talk to Mahek and asks her what happened between hwe and Shaurya? family tries to protect Mahek from mob and harassment. Mahek sees Shaurya entering restaurant, she calls out his name and runs behind but Shaurya enters inside and doors are closed, bodyguards try […]

This is Fate Friday Update 17 May 2019

Karan asks the waiter for a drink, Rishab starts to tease him, he says that he will make him drink so that he can tease him as it Is a happy day for them, He starts to think that why are they both happy and his baby is in the hospital, Rishab asks him what […]

17th May Friday Update on Twist of Fate

King thinks if I shall talk to her regarding Abhi. King sees Abhi and asks him not to worry. He says I was worried for you. Abhi says I never thought that she will do this with me. King says I didn’t think that you will say that and tells that I can help you […]

Mehek 10th May Friday Update

Shaurya is on his way. Mahek comes to her room. She is in tears. Shaurya recalls mahek asking him to leave. The song ‘jo bheji thi dua’played. Shaurya says to Vaitlana that all your expenses are stopped from today. Vaitalana says I don’t depend on you. I have my own money. Go give these tantrums […]

10th May Friday Update on Twist of Fate

Abhi stood in the window of his room and recalls whatever Pragya said while he was unconscious. He wonders if she really said so, of if he was imagining. He wonders what if it was all real. Pragya lay in bed with Kiara and cries while thinking about Abhi’s promises. She decides that Abhi was […]

This is Fate Friday Update 10th May 2019

Manisha asks Karan what he is doping to her, he asks about what she means but then she says that he at first wanted to drug her but then he sent the waiter to her and made her drink a spiked drink, she say that she thought that the waiter was her but the she […]

Mehek 3rd Friday Update May 2019

Mahek says what he was saying? that i will run back to him? what he thinks of himself? i dont have debt to give him back. Mansi comes there and asks Mahek to come downstairs, we have made dish, Mahek says i am not in mood, Mansi says its your favorite, come. Mahek comes downstairs, […]