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King of hearts Update Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Roshni breaking Sid’s all shirt buttons and silently standing grooming her hair. Sid comes from bathroom and sees all his shirt buttons missing. She s [...]

Mehek Tuesday Update 23rd July 2019

Niki sees Ajay and Rohit beaten, she says you went to take away girl and got beaten? Pammi says if you were not our partner then we would have thrown [...]

kindred hearts Tuesday Update 23rd July

Kaki asks Adi to come for breakfast. Jhanvi comes in kitchen. Jhanvi puts serum in Adi’s milk glass, she thinks Adi will get dizzy after drinking it a [...]

King of hearts Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Sam’s boss calling Rajveer loafer calling him and informing about Sid creating havoc in office for Sam. Rajveer loafer asks him to take Sam out of cou [...]

Mehek Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Mahek is worried, all investors leave. Reporters come there, they cover the incident and say that is this Shaurya’s publicity incident? they ask Mahek [...]

kindred heart Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Adi says to family that we are together, they nod. Adi calls Jhanvi and asks how is he Maa? Jhanvi says she is ill, Adi says if you need any help then [...]

Mehek Tuesday Update 9th July 2019

Shaurya says to Mahek that we will win this contest and will make food truck our business partner, you wanted to run this house and restaurant then wh [...]

King of hearts Tuesday Update 9th July 2019

Sid orders food from restaurant. Roshni asks what is he doing. He says his family does not know if food is from restaurant or home and says there is a [...]

kindred heart Tuesday Update 9th July 2019

Nisha comes in lounge and sees recorder. Kaka says once they test Nisha’s voice sample then it will be clear who complained against Baba. Nisha thinks [...]

2nd July Tuesday Update on King of hearts

Sid calls Raj and tells him that he made a mistake of doubting Yash unnecessarily, manager misguiding him, says he will ruin manager’s life. Manager h [...]
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