Unfortunate Love Thursday Update 16 November 2023


Unfortunate Love Thursday Update 16 November 2023

Virender telling Neelam that Lakshmi didn’t do anything and whatever happened is done by Rishi. He says if she had told him, then he wouldn’t have let her engaged to Vikrant. Neelam says you couldn’t understand her cleverness, if she had told you that she don’t want to marry then how she will become great. He says Karishma…you are talking like her. He says Lakshmi managed everything, Rishi didn’t have to apologize to Vikrant due to her. Neelam gets angry and her ego gets hurt as Virender compared her to Karishma. She says he didn’t insult me before and didn’t talk to me in this tone before. She thinks Lakshmi’s importance have increased in this house, more than her and says I will not bear her anymore, very soon she will go and all this problems will end.

Neha tells Rano that Vikrant is really a bad guy and his affair is going on. Rano says it is not proved and tells that if Lakshmi gets married here, then we will benefit. Neha says if I support Ayush, then he might marry me. She says if we get married then we will become rich. Rano gets happy and says if you marry Ayush then it will benefit us. She says if my dreams break then. She asks Neha if Vikrant is really having an affair. Neha says yes, Mom..that’s why he needs to be exposed.


Vikrant and Rishi come face to face on the road. Rishi says you will betray Lakshmi. Vikrant says you want to expose me. They begin fighting. Rishi takes out Vikrant’s ring and it falls down. Vikrant tells that once I marry Lakshmi, then you will remember only my name. Rishi says I will not let you take Lakshmi’s name. Vikrant says lakshmi and asks what you will do. Rishi says I will die, but will not let you marry Lakshmi. Vikrant says if I marry Lakshmi then? Rishi says then I will do what you say. He challenges to expose him and gives the ring in his hand. Vikrant says challenge accepted and goes.

Ayush comes to drop Shalu and Bani. He says Bhai is with us now. Shalu says don’t know why Di is not listening to us. Ayush says we need energy to win this fight.

Lakshmi thinks of her engagement with Vikrant. She takes off ring from her finger. Rishi comes there and shouts Lakshmi. Lakshmi drops the ring from her hand and it falls down on the floor. Rishi says it is nice that it has fallen down. Lakshmi stops him and says you can’t throw it, as my would be husband made me wear this. Rishi says he is would be prisoner. Lakshmi asks if he is doing this so that she don’t go away from here. Rishi says you are thinking like others. He says I have taken out ring from Vikrant’s hand. Lakshmi says even you had affair with Malishka, then also you married me, if you are right? Rishi is shocked and says you didn’t know what you have done, you are comparing me with Vikrant. He says I will not give you ring. Lakshmi tries to get ring from his hand and they fall down on the bed together. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….Karishma tells Neelam that the day is finally over, and Rishi is fine, Lakshmi is engaged. Neelam says how things will be done as we want, as Rishi is walking on some other place. Karishma says Vikrant’s family is good, else the alliance would have broken. Neelam says this is done by Lakshmi. Karishma says exactly and says she don’t want to go from here. Neelam says I will not let that inauspicious girl stay here, and tells that it is better for her to get married, else I will throw her out without marriage and that she couldn’t see herself. She says she will show her the right way and asks her to come. Lakshmi asks Rishi to give the ring. Karishma says lakshmi is very clever and has trapped Rishi and provoked him to break this alliance. Lakshmi asks Rishi to give her ring and gives him a promise. Rishi refuses. Karishma says this Lakshmi will make us dance on her fingers as Servant. Lakshmi asks Rishi to understand and says they will think me wrong and even you. Rishi and Lakshmi get up. He asks her to believe that Vikrant is a cheap man and asks her not to cry. She asks him to give the ring. He is about to make her wear it. lakshmi takes it in her hand. Rishi says you shall not get tears in your hand. Neelam and Karishma come there and asks Lakshmi if she was planning with Rishi to break the engagement. Neelam asks if she took the ring out. Lakshmi says just now she took it out as it is tight. Rishi tells them that it is not lakshmi’s mistake and tells Karishma that they are not doing any conspiracy. He says you are not trusting your son, but trusting a stranger instead. Neelam says even you are trusting a stranger. Rishi says Lakshmi is not stranger. Neelam warns Rishi and Lakshmi and says she don’t want anything to happen now. Rishi goes. Neelam asks her to stay away from Rishi and asks her not to provoke Rishi, else very bad thing will happen. She says you have to do this marry, if you want good things happen to you. She literally threatens her and says my head was always high and asks her not to do anything which makes her feel ashamed. She says before me, your parents’ values have to be feel ashamed. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Saloni thinks of Rishi’s words. Vikrant comes there and hugs her. She says sorry. He says I have left it there. Saloni says she was insecure. Rishi determines to expose Vikrant and his lover.

Vikrant asking Saloni if she thinks that he will forget her. He says he can forget taking breath, but will not forget her. He says you know what you mean to me, all world at one side and you are more than a world to me. Saloni says I know, but I was scared. Vikrant says now everything is fine, and asks her to be careful. He says Rishi is sure now and gave me open challenge to expose me. He says I am Vikrant and I will marry Lakshmi. Saloni says then only our dreams will be fulfilled. Vikrant says our dream will be fulfilled at any cost. Saloni says I love you. Vikrant says I love you too. Saloni hugs him. Vikrant smiles thinking of Rishi’s words.

Rano asks Shalu and Bani to get up. Shalu holds Rano’s hand in sleep and says now Di will not get married, I will not leave you. Bani asks Shalu to come in her senses. Rano asks her why she was calling her as her girlfriend. Bani asks what you have seen. Shalu says I held Vikrant’s girlfriend’s hand in dream. Rano asks if you thought me as his girlfriend and scolds her. She says she will cut her hand even if she catches her hand again and asks her to make breakfast. Shalu tells Bani that she will expose Vikrant and his girlfriend.


At the breakfast table, Dadi asks Lakshmi to come to her. She tells everyone that she has taken a decision and everyone shall accept it. Karishma thinks if Mom wants to break the marriage. Dadi says the matter is about Lakshmi’s marriage and tells that her life is in risk since few days, but she gets saved always as God sends Rishi to her. Karishma asks her to tell her decision. Dadi says she don’t want any problem to happen in her life, and that’s why she has decided not to get Lakshmi married until her grah’s shanti puja happens. She says first I want puja and then her marriage. She asks if anyone has objection. Virender says it is good and asks her to tell if there is any work. Dadi says all work is done and asks them to come for puja with good heart. Karishma says if we shall invite Vikrant and his family. Neelam says yes. Rishi recalls Pandit ji’s words and thinks Lakshmi is suffering because of him. He thinks to expose vikrant and call off her alliance. Anjana tells Vikrant that there is a puja in his inlaws home for Lakshmi. Vikrant says we will go together. Anjana says ok.

Rishi comes to room and says I hate Vikrant. Ayush says I hate him too and says I will make his bharta if I could. Rishi says we have to expose him before marriage. He asks him to say what had happened in the jewellery store. Ayush tells him everything and tells that they saw the lady wearing mangalsutra bought by Vikrant, and says she must be his wife. Rishi asks why you didn’t see her face. Ayush says Vikrant was holding her in such a way that they couldn’t see it. Rishi says so Vikrant is married and thinks to find proofs against him. He says we shall go to his house, when he is here for puja.

Vikrant is talking to someone and takes out a file from the cupboard. He closes the cupboard, while Saloni and his cosy pic falls down on the floor. Shalu calls Ayush. Ayush tells him that Rishi is handling the matter now, and tells that the girl was having mangalsutra, so she is already married to him. Shalu says Vikrant is married, and then also he wants to marry di. She asks where we shall search proofs. Ayush jokes and tells that they will go to Vikrant’s house and search for proofs. She says we will come there. Ayush says no, and tells that Rishi bhai and I will be going there. He says if we all go then Vikrant will be doubtful. Shalu asks him to search the proofs well.