Monday Update on The Promise 17th December 2018

Jigs walking in vickys room, and telling vicky whatever happened with u was wrong, U should not accepted Vice presidents post, but then vicky tells her, he is okk with it, has he will have less work pressure and he will be able to spend more time with shonali seeing this jigs is shocked. Jigs […]

Tuesday Update on The Promise 18th December 2018

Jai is making arrangements for the party and bani is telling him that u looks very happy todayand he tells thats his daughters sucess party is there, so he will be happy and bani is also praying that today all the differences between ganga and vicky get solved. Rg come to WM, ganga is surprised […]

Sunday Update on The Promise 16th December 2018

JAI IS SUPER ANGRY AND BANI COMES THERE AND TELLS JAI THAT HE SHOULD SPEAK WITH VICKY IN COOL MIND AND NOT to SHOUT AT him. Rishi and Ganga come to Walia mansion and are just leaving when jigyasa stops them to have dinner and go, they agree just then Vicky and Shonali arrive, Jai calls Vicky […]

Friday Update on The Promise 14th December

Vicky in a meeting and he is wondering how he is going to get out of it, some guy asks Vicky a Question and he gets called out his dream. They ask about the business and he says its in the proposal in front of them but the workers want an explanation. Shonali enters the […]

Saturday Update on The Promise 15th December

Jai and Dadi taking the darshan at Vaishnavdevi, and Jai praying for Bani’s happiness and his family also. Then the scene shifts to Bani, thinking about what she will do, how she will find Vicky for the meeting. Rishi and Ganga are coming on the bike to Walia Mansion. Ganga is very sad, about leaving rishi, but […]

Thursday Update on The promise 13th December

Jigs finishes offering to the Lodhi and Bani finishes praying.. she opens her eyes and sees Jigs and is happy…Bani says lets go and celebrate with everyone and she takes her along with her.. the family is happy to see her.. Jigs says that because of my stubbornness I had locked myself in my room […]

Wednesday Update on The promise 12th December

Its morning and Bani takes Adi with her.. she says I cant let you live with this guilt.. I have proof that will prove that kid innocent.. The papers are missing.. Jigs says yes thats because I have the papers.. she says I knew you and your middle class attitude.. so I stole the file […]

Tuesday Update on The promise 11th December

The taxi driver gets a call from Jeenat – his wife im guessing and Rishi / Ganga keep starin at eachother. The taxi driver complains about his wife and they meet with an accident.. Rishi goes flying and he rolls on to a stone and the car flips a few times with Ganga in it.. […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 10th December

The girls request Sudha Bua in unison. Sudha gives in. Ganga thanks her. Sudha clears it to her that she is doing it only for Pishi Ma. Ganga still says thank you to her before leaving for home. Shankar tries to inch closer towards Chaturvedi Sadan when police comes there. He turns around but the […]

Monday Update on The Promise 10th December

Jai is in the kitchen reading the recipe and cooking at the same time.. bani tells him you dont need to do anything.. she says leave, I’ll do or Tony will do, but Jai insists on cutting onion.. he cuts his finger and when Bani is putting medicine he sweetly tells her to continue…( as […]