Monday Update on The Promise 17th December 2018

Jigs walking in vickys room, and telling vicky whatever happened with u was wrong, U should not accepted Vice presidents post, but then vicky tells her, he is okk with it,

has he will have less work pressure and he will be able to spend more time with shonali

seeing this jigs is shocked.

Jigs goes to shonali and brainwashes her mind, telling that from now on Vicky has to take gangas permission in everything, as Vps post is nothing and jigs gives her traditional smirk, when shonali goes to find Vicky.

Ganga  and rIshi are food shopping and Ganga says she has to read the files and cook, Rishi says he will cook on the days she cant and she will cook on the days he can’t, Ganga is happy with that idea. She checks her bag and gives Rishi a Gobi as a present.. she says she can’t find a flower shop nearby so this will have to do.. Rishi takes it and they hop on his phat-phati (motobike) and whizzzzzz offf

Shonali comes in search of Vicky, but gets a bill of Rig, and gets excited that vicky is gonna propose to her on Valentines day and is happy seeing all this just then jigs comes, and see the bill, and thinks in her mind, that she got her plan or mohra to create rift between ganga and vicky and call mr. trivedi and tells him something,

Ganga shouts at Rishi to leave as she’s getting late on the first day.. rishi comes up to her and says she has to have yoghurt and sugar so ur day goes well as Bani had told him to do so.. she takes it and says lets go.. Rishi says another rassamis that she has to touch her hubby’s feet.. she does and then Rishi says there’s another thing she has to do.. he looks about and she says hurry up.. he brings his check fwd and says ou have to kiss ur dearest hubby then Gagna twists his ears (basically a way if saying.. i don’t think so) Ganga says you r tryn to fool m? i bet there’s no such thing, Rishi says Kasamh se there is, theres another one after that where she has to hug her hubby.. Ganga twists his ears more and says Bani warned her about Rishi and they leave

Rishi calls up Ganga and says are you nervous? hes more nervous it seems lol.. anyway he tells her to think of him and she’ll smile immediatly..Ganga starts smiling and Rishi says see.. and she thinks hes near her to see her but he says he just knws her inside out and then Ganga says she has a meeting and he wishes her the best

Vicky gets the call from the jewellery store asking for the chequ, he says he will be there by 9 and hand them the cheque of rs. 1 lakh

and than trivedi tells ganga that there is some probs in the accounts department, thus ganga tells him to stop all the paymenst and not to let any cheque pass with her signatures,

jigs plan worked and here vicky gets this info and is looking for ganga but she is busy in the conf room with the meeting and he is unhappy here bani is thinking that by gods goodness, the probs between vicky and ganga are solved and wishes wellbeing for everyone

Jai sees bani in tension, so just tries to cheer her up, and to make bani tell whats bothering her, bani tells jai that she liked his decision by making Ganga MD. and even tells him that vicky is still angry with her due to that incident, jai tells her to cheer up, he will handle everything.

Pia comes to bani and tells her that today she saw vicky very happy, as he is gonna propose to shonali,

and as such today’s children do everything and then tell the elders and as such without ur permission shonali and vicky are not gonna marry, so u wait for the good news.

Vicky goes to meet ganga , but she is in the Boared meeting and peon stops him saying no1 is allowed to go inside, so vicky goes off from there

The deal which ganga is dealing goes off well, so she decides to head home and give everyone good news

just then vicky come there, but till then everyone has left.

so vicky tries to call ganga’s cell, but her cell was on silent, and calls home and tells that if ganga comes there tell her to call him urgently.

shonali comes to office, and fills vickys mind, saying that ganga is overshadowing you and how jigs aunty was so right

jai and adi are celebrating for ganga’s deal and congratulate her,

bani tells ganga about vivky, thats when ganga realises she has missd calls from vicky and calls’ him, but vicky also just reached home.

Ganga takes vicky to her room, but vicky starts shouting at ganga saying that you are supreesing me and i will not let that happen but gnaga tries to tell him the truth, but he is not ready to listen to anything, and even tells him that her cell phone was on silent. Jigs plan succeeded as she is able to create a rift between ganga and Vicky

both ganga and Vicky challenge each other, that from now on they will used powers and show each other that who has higher authorities.

Jigs overhears everything and is happy and is just waiting for tonight past, and thinks that bani jus wait for my prahar.

Ganga is trying to cook, but is looking tensed, So rishi tries to cheer her up, and tells him that any1 in vickys place would have done that and in the end he succeeds in pacifying ganga and ganga tells that now u cook, i am tired and walks off from there.

Bani calls on ganga’s cell, but it is picked by Rishi, and she asks how is ganga, and bani even tells rishi about jigs plans and everything  so rishi tells her, he is there with her

Bani tells him about the party, that she has organized to lessen the distances between ganga and vicky

so u please bring ganga for the party tonight.

Vicky and shonali are in their room talking and vicky tells her that he wants to put an end to all this

and ther’s only 1 solution that he will resign and even shonali is shocked but jigs is happy with this decision.