Tuesday Update on The Promise 18th December 2018

Jai is making arrangements for the party and bani is telling him that u looks very happy todayand he tells thats his daughters sucess party is there, so he will be happy

and bani is also praying that today all the differences between ganga and vicky get solved.

Rg come to WM, ganga is surprised and asks rishi u didnt tell me that u are bringing me here, and rishi tells her, thats the party is in your honour mam. all the people are wishing ganag luck, and jai also wishes her and gives her his lucky coin. and tells her this will help u in ur bad times. and it will give u a new hope. and then tells ganga to takes jigs blessings

Jigs tells that her blessings are always with ganga and even ganga knows this

bani comes to ganga and tells her to forget what vicky has told her, as vicky is small and a little immature. so we being elders should forgive our little one. and gives ganga a ring to give it to vicky, and he will be happy getting this ring

as it is the same ring which vicky had orderd for shonali

bani comes to vicky and tells him and ganga to sort their differences out, and even vicky agrees and tells them that he has taken 1 decision, and he is gonna resign from WGC. Bani tries to explain him, but vicky is unmmoved and is searching jai for telling this decision to him.

Bani tells ganga that we have to stop vicky from reaching to Jai, and thicks only pia can stop him, so they go towards where pia is and tell pia to talk with vicky explaining her the whole problem, but till then vicky has already speaking with jai and all are shocked.

Bani, ganga and pia come to where jai and aks him what did vicky say to him, he tells that vicky wants to work more, and he wants to do something more that the VP post and even wants to assist Ganga in her work

and gnaga and bani are happy with this decision of Vicky so they go to search him and speak with him

but then Vicky tells them his real reason for not telling jai anything

and he tells form childhood, he had to face compromises. ganga has always got what she wanted and he never got what he wanted, only becoz he is not banis real son and he is meeras son.

Bani tries to make Vicky explain that she has never differentiated between him and ganga , but vicky is not ready to listen to anything and bani even says that she has always treated vicky as her own son, and even asks vicky tell me who filled ur brains with all this crap as i know my son, he can never speak like this with me and asks vicky that did jigs fill ur mind, but vicky denies telling, how he wished that jigs had done this, but no, all the outsiders are telling this and he himself has heard others speaking bad about him.

And tells bani that difference was taught to him within seconds by the outsiders and vicky warn bani and ganga both that from now on he will destroy them and just wait and watch.

Bani is crying and telling ganga that she never differentiated between her and vicky, dont know why he is saying like this.

Jigs is eavesdropping all this and is smirking happily.

and is saying in her mind that bani save ur family , save if u can, as from now on the war has started.