Monday Update on The Promise 10th December

Jai is in the kitchen reading the recipe and cooking at the same time.. bani tells him you dont need to do anything.. she says leave, I’ll do or Tony will do, but Jai insists on cutting onion.. he cuts his finger and when Bani is putting medicine he sweetly tells her to continue…( as it felt nice).. Krishna calls for food from outside as Jai is cooking and they need backup plan.. all the kids are happy that Krishna ordered food… Shonali gives Vicky a gift… to ward off evil from him.. the kids pull their legs… Krishna says I think the food has arrived as we can smell something delicious.. Jai says that you ordered food so wait for it to come.. the kids say that Bani made food we can smell it.. Jai keeps insisting that he is a good cook and noone wants to believe him… Jai is asking for Adi… Jigs is thinking that Adi will definitly reach to the bottom of this problem, I will have to stop him.. she tells him everyone is waiting for him at the barbeque.. he says I am not interested.. Jigs says dont over react, relax.. we will find out the truth soon..

Adi says I am determined to find out this person.. Jigs thinks I am sorry Adi I have to stop you but I have to save my son too.. GR reach Hydrebad and Rishi says soon we will reach Pritush house.. Ganga says how can we go at his place at 1 in the night.. Rishi says I have his address but the rick will take more money.. Ganga goes to the autowala and gives him money and tells him to refuse to go… Rishi tells him to take extra money but he refuses .. Rishi starts to argue but Ganga says we should spend a night at the hotel.. the rickwala refuses but Ganga says you can drop us at the hotel.. Ganga is thinking why I did like that.. we should have gone to Pritush place.. but I want to spend some more time with Rishi.. everyone is happy with Jais food..

Varun sees that Jigs is missing and takes a plate of food for Jigs.. she scold him and says what are you doing.. you are behaving like a servant.. look at Vicky.. help Jai in his business.. Vidya comes ther and takes Varuns side, and says Varun wants to study further… but Jigs tells her not to take his side.. she tells him again to start working with Jai .. Rashi asks them what happened… Visya says why does she behave like that.. Rashi tells them that she loves Varun a lot and everyone has different ways to show that.. she means good for Varun.. Bani thinks she forgot to call Adi and goes to call him when the phone rings and Adi and Bani pick up the line together… Its the CBI chief and Adi has called him to tell him to start the investigation in fraud…

Bani is overhearing the conversation and Adi tells him everything.. Bani thinks what will happen if Ranveers name comes in the fore.. Adi tells the chief that I tried to find out be I could not.. he says I hope you can find out.. The CBI chief says in many cases its a family member who is involved.. Adi says I am sure there is no one involved.. Bani speaks up and tells CBI that its an internal matter and we will solve it on our own.. Bani says I know who did it.. he is our family member and its Ranveer.. Adi is shocked.. Bani tells him everything and even shows him the papers that she has.. she says I had told Jigs long ago so that she would talk to Ranveer ..but nothing changed…

Adi is heartbroken.. Krishna tells Jai that make some more as we want more.. jai says I am tired… but he says ok.. Jigs is thinking what is taking Adi so long.. I have to check.. Bani is wondering how to tell Jai everything.. she remembered that they had promised not to keep any secrets.. Jai is saying he missed out on these small happiness. .. Bani is thinking that Jai is so happy .. how can I tell him now.. and she is sure Adi will take care of things… (Bani starts to keep secrets again..)

Jigs is looking for Adi.. she gets a call from Ranveer who tells her that Adi called him 15-20 times but he didnt pick up the phone.. Adi snatches the phone and says today I am talking as a CEO today.. and I never cheated on anyone.. but you defeated my trust.. you shall pay for this.. Jigs says sorry for Ranveer .. Adi says if he wanted money he should have asked but what he did is wrong.. Jigs says I tried to make him understand, but its not his fault either… he has never gotten anything.. Adi says lot of people dont get everything.. Adi says as a CEO I cannot overlook what he did.. Jigs says ok, but what about as a father.. she says, ok but what abt Rashi-Vidy… what wrong have they done… how will they be able to live … be a father for once .. Jigs pleads that we have already lost one son.. now spare the other one.. save this family…Adi falls for it…

GR are staying at the hotel. Rishi puts extra pilloes between them on the bed (how sweet.. ) he says from tomorrow my bachlor life begins again.. Ganga wants to talk to him.. she asks him what he plans to do from tomorrow… He says I havent thought much.. what ever has to happen will happen.. just like our friendship, our wedding.. even now whatever is happening I had not planned.. probable I will concentrate on my business.. Ganga says we need a soulmate.. Rishi says soulmate is one who we love.. I have already love now I cannot love anyone else .. Ganga says I dont want to loose the friend I had in you.. I have gotten used to you, talking to you.. will you be in touch with me..

Rishi says no I won’t.. Ganga is disappointed… both shed silent tears… Morning and Adi is thinking about everything that jigs had said to him… Jigs comes there and asks him if has thought.. she says she is tensed and to tell her what has happened.. before he can answer, the family comes there… Vidya says Vicky must be sleeping still thats why he is not here.. Pia tells her that Vicky has already gone to work. Jai says I am confident abt my choice. Adi excuses and Bani asks him if spoke to Ranveer. adi denies and says I am thinking what to do if this thing comes out… There Ganga too wakes up and thinks that after Rishi wakes up he will again say we’ll go to Pritush and now I cannot even make any excuses..

she wants him to remember her always and she wants to give him something that will remind him of her forever.. she goes to a gift shop and buys a wallet .. she thinks it will be lucky for him.. that thing costs 2000 she says keep my chain worth 8000 but give me wallet. the shopkeeper refuses. Another person comes there and sayst he painter did not come.. Ganga says I will paint for you and if you like it give me the wallet.. Rishi wakes up and is searching for Ganga and is worried… the shopkeeper likes the painting and gives her the wallet.. she is happy that her first ever income she buys something for her best friend…

Rishi walks out trying to find Ganga. He finds her and scolds her.. he says I was looking for u for 3 hrs.. the shopkeeper comes and gives her the extra money that she earned including the wallet. Rishi appogogises to her and she says why did you have to do all this… Ganga says u are not wrong.. I liked that u scolded me … he takes her away and cleans the paint off her hands. Ganga remembers the times Rishi had been nice to her .. Vicky comes back and Vidya pulls his leg. He tells Jai that I want to talk urgent business matter. He tells Jai that there has been a scam at office for about 80 crore.. Jai is shocked and Vicky says yes I just checked last 2 yrs accounts and confirmed .. Jai says how come Adi did not notice it.. Vicky says that he would not tell even if he knew cause he is the one who did this scam…

The family is shocked. Jai is angry at him. He says go right now and appologise to Adi.. Adi says thats not required. I have done the scam.. Jigs cant believe it… Adi tells Bani I know why you are here.. I deleted Ranveers name and put mine along with the proof and also made sure that Vicky gets the file. Vicky could not believe but whatever I did I know its right. Its a father doing this for his son, and after what I go thru I hope that Ranveer will inprove his ways.. Bani says that you are a good human being.. Adi says I learnt it from you. Jigs tells Bani that you could not keep your mouth shut.. she yells at Bani .. she says why are you interfering in my life.. Jigs says its not the game for keys anymore … its a game where my family is online.. she says pray to god that nothing happens to Ranveer or Adi cause else I will make you pay badly..she warns bani that if anything happened to Ranveer or Adi, I will kill you..

Jigs telling aditya she wanted to save her son, she asks Adi why he did what he did, Adi tells her that that question should be asked to their son Ranvir, there are other ways to make money. This is shameful on the way they bought their kids up, Ranvir is not a child anymore where you can forgive him. He says its now Ranvirs Ego vs Aditya’s love for him.. Aditya says he want to stop him from thinking wrong Rishi and Ganga are walking and he asks her what she wants, Ganga says she hasnt thought about it.. Rishi tells her to think about it and tell him. He flags a taxi down and he tells Ganga one hour to go and you will have ur destiny.. Ganga feels uneasy. She then tells him that she has thought of what she wants, she says she wants 2 hours with him.. hes shocked. Ganga says she has argued alot with him so she wants to end on a happy note. Rishi turns and asks the taxi driver to wait two hours he will pay the fee.. There’s an oldddd song and Ganga and rishi have a fun time, there’s a puppy and she almost jumps on rishi, he takes her near it and helps her come over her fear – if that were me i still wouldnt go haha!

They then release some balloons in the air.. Ganga spots a bike and Ganga remembers the beginning stages of their friendship.. Rishi asks the lady for they keys and they go for a spin. Rishi’s Scarf flies into a tree and Rishi climbs up a tree and gets it for her.. when he goes to put it on her it looks as if hes gna hug her but he stops and gives to her in her hand.

They eat and Rishi stares at her.. again back to the initial days of theit friendship Ganga spots something on Rishi and goes to take it off.. rishi moves back a little uneasy but then he realizes.. back on the bike and they go to see the sun settle.. Ganga;’s scarf flies on rishis face.. Ganga drops her ice cream and she doesn’t mind.. then Rishi drops his and then its tme for them to go.. Ganga looks like he doesn’t want to

This segment kicks off with Rishi closing the door behind Ganga n then sittin in the front.. Rishi’s tearing up a bit so is Rishi Varun comes and calls Adi who was crying a little, Pia calls him to eat too but he shouts back saying everything is clear im the evil one so leave me alone. Pia says what? Adi says i made up this act to love you all.. but all i wanted was money Varun says whats wrong with you? Adi says i dnt need u anymore.. and wlks off.. Jai listens (OMG! get rid of the tie man!) Back in a study Jai reflects back on the scene with aditya before. He checks the files and says Aditya has done it on sheets but he cant believe he did do it.. he tells Bani that he knws him since childhood.. everytime Jai strayed he aditya was there to bring him back.. he says why will Aditya do it? so he walks off Bani says you are right, Aditya hasnt done a thing, how can i tell u? she says she has to tlk to ranvir regardin this matter. So she gets on the phone to him and tells him not to cut her off, she tels him that Adi has taken the blame on his head. She promises him to come home and no one will do a ting to him.. Bani says please help me God

Daadi is praying to God and thanks him for the wonderful family she has (seriously!?!) Adi talks about Ranvir and Daadi says she remembers everything. Adi says for the first time he has no answer, hes tired. He has to take on this zilat for his family sake. Daadi blesses him and prays to God once again. Jai renenbers Adi talkin about how he is the evil one, jai says hes hidin something (what the? its like the same scene again)