Thursday Update on The promise 13th December

Jigs finishes offering to the Lodhi and Bani finishes praying.. she opens her eyes and sees Jigs and is happy…Bani says lets go and celebrate with everyone and she takes her along with her.. the family is happy to see her.. Jigs says that because of my stubbornness I had locked myself in my room but I saw the family celebrating.. even Jai had come to call me but I insulted him .. she says sorry to Jai.. she says I was missing Ranveer too much and so I reacted this way.. Jai says forget everything and lets move ahead.. welcome back.. Vidya says sorry to her and offers her mithai… Dadi says we have to go to Vaishno Devi.. Adi pulls her leg as usual.. Jai says I’ll go with them… Adi is surprised and Jai says I want to thank God so let me go.. Everyone sits to eat and Jigs says enjoy this bliss for a few days, Now I will behave like you.. nice to everyone and win their hearts and then I will kick you out of here… GR are leaving and Jai tells them to be safe. Jai tells Rishi that he is proud of him.. he said it reminded him of him and Bani.. Ganga is like me and you are like Bani… he says Ganga loves you a lot so if she scolds you, dont take it to heart,.. Rishi says I will take good care of her… Ganga says when we got married, I took the pheras by force.. but today I want to do it from my heart.. they take phera around the Lodhi that she wants to start her life with him.. They take vows of marriage in front of the Lodhi.. and then hold hands and take pheras.. ( why is the fire inside the house? didn’t anyone tell them abt fire hazard..)

Bani is sitting and Jai says why are you not packing for me ? Bani says you can pack on your own.. she says you had packed last time when you were leaving for US.. she is sad that he is going.. Vicky tells Jai that there is an imp meeting and he needs moral support.. Jai says u are my son.. so I have full confidence in you.. Jai is happy with him and so is Bani.. Jigs overhears .. Shonali tries to stop Vicky and she says I just want to spend time with you.. Jigs tells Shonali.. that I guess something imp tomorrow.. Shonali is happy that Vicky is doing well with business, but she just wants to spend some time with him.. Jigs instigates her and says dont feel bad if he has forgotten your b’day.. she says I have to tell u the truth.. thw Walia daughter in laws are only for show.. the business is so vast that the male is busy all the time and they forget all the imp dates.. you too have to get used to these

things.. not everyone is fortunate like Jai-Bani… he remembers everything.. you two cannot be like them.. but he loves you a lot.. she wishes Shonali and goes off..

Bani is going to give prashad to everyone and Jigs says I wnat to do it.. Bani is happy that she is back to her good self.. and jai brought his sister back.. but Jigs says no.. I came here for you.. I saw you happy with the family and I realised what I was missing.. Bani is like maha happy.. Jigs says I want to be happy like you.. just like you, I want to forget the past and begin afresh.. Jigs say I have a gift for you.. its a family pic.. she says nothing is more imp for you than family.. Bani falls for the natak.. Jigs thinks that the Mahabharat has started.. this is your problem.. you believe everyone so eaisly.. my first pawns are Vicky and Shonali and its a bad news for you..