Saturday Update on The Promise 15th December

Jai and Dadi taking the darshan at Vaishnavdevi, and Jai praying for Bani’s happiness and his family also. Then the scene shifts to Bani, thinking about what she will do, how she will find Vicky for the meeting. Rishi and Ganga are coming on the bike to Walia Mansion. Ganga is very sad, about leaving rishi, but Rishi pacifies her, and Ganga leaves but takes the keys of the bike also, Rishi calls Ganga and takes the keys from her. Ganga comes into Walia Mansion, and just then Bani is rushing towards the car, and bumps with Ganga and Ganga asks Bani what happened? why are you so tensed?she tells that there are some problems in the office, and she needs to go there, so ganga also goes with her and tells Bani to stay calm, she is there and

she will handle everything as she has Jai Walia blood, and banis sanskar and meera chaalaki wali parvarsih and tells bani to go in the office, i will just come. Ganga goes and raids the business men offices to find some papers and there she gets those proofs.

 JAI ORDERS, FOOD FOR him and dadi’s friends, Dadi tells jai, we have a kitty party here, so make arrangements and she misunderstands jai as a waiter. Jigyasa is happy and is planning for Bani’s failure and Vicky is shown having some good time with Shonali.

Jigyasa is speaking on phone with one of the businessmen, Mr Tyagi and tells him that he has to make her plan work and just then Bani and Ganga enter the board room with some files, Ganga introduces herself and tells that she is gonna hold today’s meeting and all the Businessmen are shocked at first but give her a chance on her insistence. Ganga gives files to all the men and then tells Mr Chaddhha, on of them to open his file, as she has planned some strategies for him. He opens it and finds a picture of him and some girl who is his mistress having some good time. Ganga tells 3 more of the directors to open their files, and it contains some of their secrets,all of them are just shell shocked, with Ganga’s paperwork and dont say anything. Jigyasa then calls Jai and tells him some thing that happened in his absence.

Ganga saying to the Walia Industries staff that she hopes they agree with all her terms and conditions, the door opens up and Bani turns Ganga’s chair and Jigyasa enters. Jigyasa wishes everyone a good afternoon and apologises about Vicky behaviour and if Jai was here that everything will go according to plan.. Ganga turns and says its okay jigyasa Aunty, everything is sorted. Jigyasa thinks its not the plan. The staffs then say we agree with everything and they give her a standing ovation. Jai ma dura plays in the background. Jigyasa isn’t happy and leaves. Bani says she’s proud of Ganga. She asks how Ganga did everything, Ganga says she used a little cheek that Meera taught her to get what she wants. Ganga asks like a grown up and says she wants to talk to jigyasa about all this.

Bani says don’t say anything to her as she’s your blood relative.. i will do the talking. Outside Jigyasa is fuming at a staff member and the guy is explaining everything, she tells him to get lost and he does and she carries on venting.. she tries to open the car door but it doesnt open. Bani walks towards Jigyasa wth a smirk on her face and says wrong keys how can you make that mistake? Bani says i don’t know how to shoot an arrow, but Ganga does. Today she has found out how deep her blood is and says she is also using what Meera has taught her. Bani is not alone, her children are with her. Jigyasa isn’t amused. Jigyasa gives her the stopwatch and basically tells her to stuff it.

Ganga and Bani stand in the distance look at Jigyasa then leave. Jigyasa says you may have won, but your downfall starts from now as i will use Meera’s slyness in ganga against you and she starts the stop watch. Bani tells Ganga that she can’t talk to Jigyasa as the house will be stressed all over again. Ganga says fine but take jigyasa seriously. Jigyasa is feeding everyone sweets because of what Ganga had done.. Bani thanks God for everything and jigyasa arrives. Jigyasa says have you all said who was the person who meddled everything? Bani says no.. we don’t want to harm the family. Bani says she is thankful that Jigyasa had done what she haw atleast now she knows what her daughter is like, her children are with her to support her.

She leaves and Jigyasa says that smile will turn into a frown soon.. Jai enters the house shouting VICKYYYYYYY!! Aditya says how do you know about vicky, Jai says i am not dead, i just retired. Jigyasa says have some sweets and explains how the company was saved by Ganga. Jai is shocked. Ganga isn’t comfortable with the praises thrown at her. Jai says he’s proud of his daughter and says teach your brother all this.. Jai says he had a lot of expectation from Vicky but that went down the drain.  Ganga asks Bani how Jai knew about everything.. Jigyasa enters and says i called Jai home. Now how will you stop this house going into depression? Ganga says i told you so to Bani.. and Bani says she will talk to Jai.