Wednesday Update on The promise 12th December

Its morning and Bani takes Adi with her.. she says I cant let you live with this guilt.. I have proof that will prove that kid innocent.. The papers are missing.. Jigs says yes thats because I have the papers.. she says I knew you and your middle class attitude.. so I stole the file last night.. she and Adi fight over the file and Jai comes there and asks what happening.. Adi tells him that this scam is done but none other than his son Ranveer .. he says I took the blame cause I wanted to give him a chance to improve.. he tells Jai everything.. he says this file has proof to put Ranveer behind bars and save that accoutant..

Jigs screams that my son will not go to Jai .. everyone in this house gets a second chance even Veer .. so my son should get a second chance too.. she tells Jai to give the file back.. she says I have only one son.. other one is gone.. she begs Jai to save his life .. Jai tears off the papers … she asks Jigs that aer you happy .. dont worry nothing will happen to Ranveer .. Jai says a mother was tryiong to help her son.. we have to forgive a mother … Jai assures Adi everything will be fine. But Adi says nothing will be fine. Ranveer is not like you.. he does not value relationships and for what he has done, I disown him.. he is not a part of me and my family anymore..

The family is shocked.. Jigs pleads with Adi and tells him to think as a father.. she asks him to forgive ranveer but Adi is stuuborn. He says if he comes here then I will leave.. he says I understand the difference between truth and lies… Bani asks Jai to talk to Adi… Bani tries to sympathise with Jigs but Jigs brushes her off.. she starts to scram at Bani and is about to slap her but Jai comes and holds her hand.. he warns her not to do anything to Bani…Jigs tells him that for a woman you have disowned your own sister .. “you’ll pay for this Bani … ” Sorry guys got a call and kind of missed the dialogues…

Rishi in hospital and Ganga asks how Rishi is, the doctor tells him that Rishi just needs alot of rest. The dr gives a letter to Ganga and she reads it:

Ganga, if you find me a true friend, please take the cab outside and go to Prityush. He doesnt want her to wait for him as he may take some time. Hes askin as a friend for the first time.. and last..Rishi

Ganga cries and theres some song playing in the background, i know the song but its not coming to me at the moment on the spot lol, she takes rishis hands in hers, cries a bit gets up and takes her stuff and leaves. Rishi then gets up and cries, every scene of theres then goes all backwards.. as if a tape is bein re-wound Ganga has the letter in her hand and she remembers each and every word, theres that determination Kasamh se tune and she dreams the words in the car accident, where rishi said she should have kidz, teach them painting and stuff, as she approaches a person with a child in his hand her dream stops. She thanks rishi and smiling she sits in the car.

Rashi is cryin in her room (woah that hasnt changed lol), vidya says you neednt cry, she never felt as if she never had a father, Rashi says never speak ill of ur father. Vidya says fine she wont say anything. But she doesnt like it when Rashi takes stress on her head. Vidya says come with me allll determined.. she opens a cupboard and takes all jewels with her Rishi signs the discharge.Jigs is on the phone and tells Ranvir not to worry she is still on his side, Ranvir says he wont be back and cuts the call off.. Jigs says shes separated from her kid.. She blames Bani for everything

Jai turns a corner and enters his room to see Bani cryin her eyes out (no Bds btw) Bani says everythin has happened because of her.. Jai says how can that be? as Bani continues her bashan he keeps sighin

Ganga is standin next to Rishi and says i have listened to every word, she says you taught me everything, how to dream and stuff. Rishi says he cant come with her.. ganga says you have to come.. hes a friend afterall. Rishi keeps sayin no.. Ganga says try and understand what i am saying.. So yeh they look into the flowin river below with their theme song playin the in background.. Ganga then grabs Rishi and says i know we’re a terrible couple, they fight ALL the time and hes the only one who can take her insults one after another, all the while rishi is smiling and they go into a hug. Forgot to add, Ganga says she loves Rishi

*Totally sorry about the rushing of the most crappest confession updating EVER but you see am at work and im havin my office.*

In the house Jigs is taking out some clothes and packing for Vidya, Rashi and Jigs trip to the US. Jigs says Ranvir may be lonely so pack up. Vidya says she will not go.. Jigs says im not askin, im telling you. Jigs tells her calmly that they are going no matter what. Vidya says her mother told the family she will not go so she will not go. Jigs says Rashi will follow her orders like she always does, Vidya shouts that she doesnt want to.. Jigs asks Rashi why is she so rude. Vidya says you ar the one who taught ur son everything.. dnt make me open my mouth.. Jigs forces her to open her mouth and she blurts out how her father was NEVER there for her.. why should they clean up the mess he made.. he never looked at his family once and then Jigs grabs her and slaps her hard, then pulls her back and she screams. Vidya says she just proved her point by slapping her.. Rashi drags her out but Vidya keeps screaming she will NOT go to the US Bani is going around the house with the aarthi and Ganga comes home. Bani gets excited. Ganga in a stern face says you told me to marry Rishi, i bet you are happy. Bani is a little shocked and then Ganga says she is really happy she married Rishi she says he never lets her cry and then apologises for bein so rude to Bani earlier. Bani says no need to say sorry, shes the daughter. Ganga takes off a kangan and says this is the bangle you told father to give me on my wedding day.. Bani then puts the bangle back on her and they both smile and hug. Rishi appears from somewhere and says there must be a kaandani prob or something they all hug Jigs watches from above and says you are playin happy family whilst mine is breaking, that wont last long. Kasamh Se.

Back in the house and eveyrone is happy to see Ganga and Rishi, Ganga lies a bit and says she just got busy with the house. Bani is about to go to the kitchen and Ganga says she will help too.. Bani says no shes come home and all that, Rishi says please take her, she hasnt mastered the art of cooking, Ganga smiles and thn says its good that her hubby can cook then ey Daadi comes and forgets Ganga’s name. Bani says lohri this year will be huge as its Ganga and Rishi’s first time. Vidya gets broken from her day dream and Bani asks why her plate is empty. Vidya says shes okay Then Bani asks Raashi what happen, she tells Bani all. Jigs is in her room thinking and Ban comes and asks permission to enter the room, however Bani walks in anyway haha! Bani apologises for everything and says Vidya is with her today to apologise for everything she has said, she folds her hands infront of her, Jigs turns around and you see her back) Jigs tells Bani to leave otherwise she will slap her, and that will inturn mean Jai will come to save her. Bani turns on her heel and goes back Vidya says shes sorry for eveyrthing, Jigs says did Bani tell u to say this? Vidya looks at Raahi and she shouts to look at her and says dnt insult her further by sayin sorry on someone elses sayin.. she sorta pushes her out the room. Raashi is then told to leave too.

Shonali (is that her name?) sees Vicky and say why are you bringin all the office work home? Vicky says hes a little tight on time. Shonali says find a bit of for me. Vicky says give me an hour and ill do what i can Jai calls a RIP OFF TONY! (argh) and tells him to do something (i was too busy fuming they replacd him) Bani is in a world of her own and he asks Bani what happen. Bani says shes worried that Jigs wont come to lohri function. Jai says smile he will sort things out. Bani says thats Jais strongest point., he can solve her pprbs in a jiffy (hence why she should confide in him more u silly pea) Jai comes to Jigs and says i know you think im more towards Bani but its not the case. Jigs stops her tears and Jigs says that the problemo you cant see the bad in Bani EVER.. you cant admit it at all. Jigs says she just wants to save her family and she told her not to butt in the small argument but she was adament. Jai says Bani couldve done everything from before. Jai says he wants her to come to the lohri end off, he leaves. Jigs cries and says you have been more a husband then a brother.. and she will not change her mind to ruin Bani.