Tuesday Update on The promise 11th December

The taxi driver gets a call from Jeenat – his wife im guessing and Rishi / Ganga keep starin at eachother. The taxi driver complains about his wife and they meet with an accident.. Rishi goes flying and he rolls on to a stone and the car flips a few times with Ganga in it.. Rishi stops movin and Ganga gains conciousness and keeps callin Rishi. Rishi moves as he hears Ganga scream his name askin for help.. he gets up and drags his feet across the floor to her.. as he falls Ganga screams RISHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Rishi collapses with his hand towards her and you hear a heartbeat.. Ganga stares in disbelief and the leaves are thrown in rishis face.. He gets up once again with determination and almost forgets his pain to help Ganga.. they get to the window and she keeps sayin help me.. he fiddles with the door and he shouts to her to get out.. he goes to the other side and tells her to come thru that way.. but she tells him her feet are trapped.. he then sees leakin petrol, then the vehicle catches alight at one end Rishi tells the driver to get up and he goes to get help.. Rishi gets inthe car and says i cant leave you.. Ganga tells him to go leave her.. btw the car is still leaking Rishi tells Ganga that he is her responsibilty, he has to let her meet her life Prityush and tells her that all her kidz have to be boys, if they are girls they will go on her.. he says he will take her kidz everywhere.. Rishi releases Ganga’s foot whilst they were talkin and he almost pushes ganga out and the door slams shut behind Rishi.. Ganga screams sayin she cant go without him!!! She falls down a ditch and theres a huge blast!

Police arrive and Ganga remembers the blast and Rishi.. but she remembers Rishi opening the door and crawling a bit before the blast.. then rishi’s carried out and theres a thread on him. Ganga remembers tying it on Rishi.. Jai asks Adi if he relly faked everything.. he says yes and takes him somewhere..

Jigs tells Bani that she got a call from Ranvir telling her about Bani and his convosation, then she shouts at Bani


Jai and Adi are together. Jai says that this file has papers for everything that I have .. and I have put everything in your name.. you were ” my brother” all these years for money .. so here you have everything.. Jai blasts Adi ‘… why he is lying to him.. :”how can u insult my intelligence like this” … Adi is pensive… Jai tells him that I am still hoping that you will tell me the truth. and if you dont tell me then there wont be anything more to say between us.. Adi is shocked.. Jai walks away and Adi says how can I tell you what I am going thru right now.. what my dilema is .. He gets a call and Rashi is calling him home ASAP..she says that we all know who is the real culprit ..She says that some senior accountant in their office had done it … Rishi is in the hospital and he has flashes of what happened… he asks the doc where Ganga is .. he says your wife is in the corridoor. He tries to get up to meet her and sees her napping.. he thinks that all I wanted was to leave her to her destination but everytime we are close, something happens and we are stuck together again… Ganga is crying and he assures her that he is fine and she should take care of herself. Ganga tells him that she is scared.. he t ells her dont worry everything will be fine… The doc comes and tells rishi that he needs to rest… Its night and Bani is telling Adi that Jigs must have paid that accountant… Adi is furious at that .. Bani tells him to confirm with Jigs first.. Adi says how can she let someone else go to jail to save her son…

Bani-Adi are at police station and the inspector tells them that the boy came in the morning. his parents are there and they cannot believe it. Adi- Bani see the conversation between the parents and that boy … they come in and talk to him.. Adi says why did you do this.. he says sometimes you have to do things like that .. he says his mother was sick and he needed money so he decided to take the blame so he can get his mother treated… he asks Adi what would you have done … He says I have accepted this and so should you..

Adi yells at Jigs and says you are mad for your son.. Jigs says he spending his life for this business and if he wants some ting in return, whats wrong in that .. Adi yells that not only are you mad, but you are so blind in love for ur son that you are not able to see wrong from right..

Adi is yelling and the family is worried at his behaviour. Jai says we should leave him alone. Jais goes to Bani and Bani says I know he is tensed.. he is not able to understand what to do.. but dont worry … I will talk to him … bani is walking towarsd Adi and Jigs follows her… Adi tells her to go away and Bani says u have always supported everyone in this family in their times of need and we want to help you. he says that Ranveer will never change.. and Jigs actions has further helped him slide.. Jigs is overhearing.. Adi says now all I can do is watch him go further low…