Friday Update on The Promise 14th December

Vicky in a meeting and he is wondering how he is going to get out of it, some guy asks Vicky a Question and he gets called out his dream. They ask about the business and he says its in the proposal in front of them but the workers want an explanation. Shonali enters the place and jumps into the meeting, she gives Vicky a glare and he runs after her, he grabs her arm and she turns. She blasts at him that he is working when he should have time for her, so she leaves and Vicky gets called by a worker to be in the meeting. Jigyasa enters and she tells the worker to go back to work. Ganga and Bani are in the kitchen and they are happily cooking away. Bani says its the first time she has seen love change a person to learn different things. Ganga adds more milk than normal and Bani saves the day by adding more carrots.

Bani tells Ganga that they can save relationships with love, same way this halwa was saved by a lot more carrots. Ganga thanks Bani and hugs her and tells her to take some home so everyone can try it, Bani says she will take a sample for Vicky at his work. The workers are sitting down in the board room and they complain that the son cant control the business. Jigyasa comes and asks why are they sitting here? Vicky has gone home. They all get angry but Jigyasa says he has a very good business mind as he is Jai Walia’s son. Jigyasa says she doesn’t want to hide anything from them, she says Vicky has a past, he was a gambler. Everyone is shocked and Jigyasa says he doesn’t do that anymore. After pretty much lighting the fire, she calls up someone on the office phone and the person says ‘yes’ and he smiles .

Back at the office, Jigyasa is about to walk out when Bani walks in very happy, a person bumps into her and Jigyasa sees it as a way to leave from there. Back in the board room, everyone wonders why Vicky is the head of them. He is too involved in his own life, they say their money is with them and they have to be careful. Bani listens to the office gossip. Back at home she wonders about everything that happened in the office, Jigyasa is looking at Bani all worried and says Vicky must be on his way and that’s when the fun will start. Vicky enters with Shonali in his arms and she goes to sleep and Bani starts her questions. She says you had a important meeting yet you skipped it, Vicky says yes it was meant to be for the morning but it got postponed for the evening, Bani says it is not right what he did, Vicky says he will clear everything up and Jigyasa gets confused by the response. Bani tells Vicky there’s some Carrot halwa waiting for him and he’s really excited. Rishi is painting away and Ganga says what’s taking so long, he says just wait. He tells Ganga to see the painting and she says does it even look like me? Rishi says you should appreciate everything, Rishi insults her cooking or something and he gives as good as it gets. Jai and Bani are talking to each other on the phone and he says he’s going to go sleep and she says he’s going to sleep early?and Bani jokes about with him. She tells him about Ganga’s carrot cake and he says teach her something he can eat and they cut the call. Jigyasa enters Shonali’s room, she says how was the meeting? I know Bani asked a lot of Questions, she says its your time to be free, Jigyasa tells Shonali to help vicky relax as working too much can stress him out. Shonali then takes Jigyasa’s ideas on board and says she should do something for him.

Vicky says that I was having halwa made by Ganga, thought of sharing with you, and they have a talk about the office meeting which got cancelled but Bani tells him, that you have to learn to handle the relations and i know you will do well and Vicky goes off. The scene shifts to Aditya and Bani, they are having breakfast and Aditya tells her that the meeting which was cancelled has been scheduled today in the evening at 5.

They are having another meeting on sunday, this makes Jigyasa angry. Then Vicky has just come out of bathroom, and shonali comes there and tells him that we are gonna leave for Lonavala now, but Vicky tells her that he is busy, just then Bani comes there searching for Vicky and Vicky takes shonali and they both hide in the bathroom, so Bani leaves a message for Vicky on a note and sticks that note on the mirror. Ganga is sad as Rishi is going to work even on sunday and tells him that she will get bored, and Rishi tells her that’s its an important order otherwise he would have cancelled it. Just then, am idea pops up in Rishi’s head and he tells Ganga he will leave her at Walia Mansion and then she can enjoy there and will pick her up when he is coming back.

Jigyasa comes into Vicky’s room and changes the note which Bani has put, and then Shonali sees the note and tells that even luck is with them so they can go to Lonavala and head off there. The Business men are shouting at Aditya and asking him where is Vicky? He is being very careless in business, they will not tolerate this and if he does not come for the meeting at 5, then they will withdraw their investment back. Aditya calls back Bani and asks her where is Vicky, she says he must have left for office. Vicky is in the car with Shonali heading towards Lonavala, he gets a call on his cell phone. Shonali picks up says wrong number and switches the cell phone off. She tells him, that today you are only going to be with me, no one to disturb us. Bani is also trying Vicky’s number but its going on switch off mode. Bani gets the wrong note and thinks of jigyasa only, just then jigyasa comes from behind asking you called me. Jigyasa tells Bani her plan and tells her lets play open game, i am telling you, I will destroy your family and my 1st pawn is Vicky. She told something about Vicky’s past to the Business Men and they are threatening to disinvest and she tells all such of rubbish to bani. Bani is shocked and tells jigyasa you will not do anything to Vicky as he is my son and not Meera’s but jigyasa is disinterested, and tells Bani to act fast, as she has only 3 hours more to find Vicky and handle the Business Men. Bani is helplessly thinking of what to do.