Radha Mohan Friday Update 8 March 2024


Radha Mohan Friday Update 8 March 2024

Radha after reciting the Mantar keeps rolling, while Ketki helps Mohan stand up as they all rush to get in the car. Radha hits the shelf which causes the tray filled with ice cubes to fall over her, Mohan turns back in shock after hearing the noise, he even asks Ketki and Ajeet who agree but Mohan then sees two groups of people fighting over an accident, Ajeet suggest they should leave so all three o them get in the car and leave.

Radha meanwhile is trapped under the pile of ice cubes, Tulsi standing thinks Radha and Mohan both love each other to the extent that their hearts are joined together and if any one of them is in pain then the other one also feels it. Tulsi is sure that Radha would be around here somewhere, she starts calling Radha.

Gungun in the house prays to Bihari jee to keep their Radha safe, Rahul seeking the opportunity leaves the house. Damini whispers to Kaveri how Bihari jee always favors Radha in such times, and Mohan would have reached near the office so if they both are together then they would be able to solve their problems, she informs if Mohan suspects anything then he would save Radha who is going to reveal the truth. Kaveri whispers just as the snake protects its house, Gungun is also standing in front of them so she wonders what are they going to do, Damini and Kaveri both are stunned when they get hit by the sticks, Gungun angrily questions what are they both whispering about as they should say it loud, Kaveri says that her daughter was coughing so she asked her to go and drink water, Damini hearing the sign tries to leave but Gungun informs that she did not hear the sound of coughing, she forces Damini to sit down on the couch. Damini thinks that today Radha should die and Mohan is not able to reach her, vowing she will handle everything else.


Mohan while diving the car thinks he can feel how much pain Radha is suffering from as even he can feel it. Radha is trapped under the pile of ice cubes not being able to move, Mohan thinks Radha should just remain strong for a few more hours as he is surely coming to her. The temperature in the cold storage reaches to minus sixteen, Radha slowly starts moving and is finally able to free her face and hands from the pile of ice, she sits up and starts coughing due to the smoke and the pressure of the ice cubes.

Mohan gets a call from Gungun, Ketki answers it when Gungun asks where are they all, she even asks if they were able to find Radha. Ketki replies they have found out about Radha, hearing this Damini along with Kaveri and Rahul are shocked. Ketki assures they are just going to pick her up after which they will come back home, Gungun getting excited asks if Radha is with them and they are coming back home, Mohan informs Ketki that it is not right that they should lie to Gungun about Radha, Gungun asks Mohan why is he not saying anything, Kadambari also demands he should tell the truth since they all are really worried. Mohan informs they have not been able to find Radha, hearing this Damini and Kaveri are relieved. Gungun says Mohan promised to bring back Radha and it ahs gotten very late so what if something happens to her, Mohan assures he will find Radha and bring her back, he even says how Radha tells Gungun is very brave mentioning how bad she would feel knowing that Gungun was not able to remain strong. Gungun says Radha told the truth as she is very brave and she will not cry but just wait for her. Mohan appreciates her mentioning that Radha will surely be proud of her, he informs they are going to the police station to file a complaint, so they are able to find Radha, Kadambari advises him to take care of himself.

Damini whispers to Kaveri how she is going to her room while she should handle everything, Gungun stops Damini who seeing her tries to run but Gungun start following her, Damini after climbing the stairs picks the shoes in her arms an tries to run, she starts throwing the things placed in the hallway to try and stop Gungun, Damini manages to enter into her bathroom and then closes the door, Gungun says she knows Damini is planning to do something wrong so she must open the door, Kadmabari also instructs Damini to open the door, but Damini is really tensed.

Radha is coughing very able, she finally removes the cardboard covering from her chest and arms, her have gotten burnt marks, she is not able to stop coughing. Radha tries to get up however is not able to move properly due to the ice cubes. Radha exclaims the fire died down but due to it there is a lot of smoke in the room, and the oxygen has gotten low in the storage. Radha thinks if she stays here for any longer then would die due to suffocation, she thinks she would have to do something but wonders what could she do at this moment.

Mohan while driving the car thinks Radha has utmost believe in Bihari jee so he must not let it be ruined and support Radha in all of her problems.

Radha prays to Bihari jee that he is the one who has kept her alive, she needs his help once again to stay alive so he must help her in all her problems. Radha suddenly sees that the smoke is going behind one of the shelf in the storage.

A couple is sleeping when the alarm starts ringing and his wife instructs him to wake up since the phone is ringing, he after picking the phone is shocked seeing the temperature of the cold storage has gotten very high, his wife instructs him to go and find out otherwise they are going to suffer heavy losses, he gets irritated but agrees to go and check.

Radha wonders why is all the smoke going in that direction wondering what is in the cold storage, she tries to stand up to go and check.
Mohan while driving recalls how he scolded Radha when she tried to explain that she had no part in doing this and is being framed, he explained he would have to bear this wedding and something worst which has happened to him is his marriage with Radha. He is not able to forget how he had asked Radha to leave and not come back to his life, Ketki explains she knows what Mohan bhai is thinking that he has wronged Radha and what if he had answered her calls, she suggests it is not the time to think about their mistakes but to solve the problems. Mohan replies how could he have become so stubborn with Radha, he says he would not be able to live with such pain. Ajeet assures nothing is going to happen to Radha as Bhagwan tests them but never does anything which they cannot bear, Mohan assures he is surely going to find his Radha.

Radha while trying to walk towards the corner shelf falls on the floor, she starts screaming due to the pain and injuries that she has suffered, Radha thinks there is certainly something behind these boxes that is pulling the smoke towards it, she wonders what might be pulling the smoke.