Friday Update on This is Fate 25 January 2019

Shrishti walks across the corridor deciding to ignore Sameer. She is unable to recognize her own feelings. She turns around to look if he is coming behind, Sameer comes from front instead. He asks Shrishti if she is the organizer of this function, this is so boring. There is no music or dancing. Shrishti boasts […]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 25th Jan 2019

Simonika comes and asks what happened? Pragya says Abhi is inside and snake is also there. Simonika says if snake has bitten him. Pragya says no, and says once Taya ji opens the door then she will go inside and save him. Simonika thinks Pragya won’t give up and can do anything to save him. […]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 18th Jan 2019

RECAP: Tanu says we have to clear our doubt. Aaliya says if she is Pragya then I will find out her true identity. She asks her to come. Purab tries to book flights tickets and asks agent to book it as it is urgent. Disha calls Purab and tells him that Pragya left home. Purab […]

Friday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv dramas 11th Jan 2019

Ganga denies. He will forget you the moment he finds another animal. He forgets old friends when he meets new friends. Sagar denies. Ganga asks him how she should believe him. Sagar remarks that had he been Hanuman ji, he would have cut open his chest to show her how much he loves Jalebi Prasad. […]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 11th Jan 2019

Abhi is giving interview to media. Reporter asks him about his album and then wife. Abhi says morning will come if I begin talking about her. He says she is good, there is no life without her and says she is too good, he goes on praising her. Inna Sona plays…Pragya watches his interview on […]

Friday Update on Gangaa 11th January 2019

A few ladies are singing in Chaturvedi House. Amma ji asks them about it. They share that Madhvi is 3 months pregnant. Amma ji is pleasantly surprised. The ladies ask Amma ji if she really doesn’t know anything. Are you trying to hide it? Why did Shanta call us here then? Ganga is unable to […]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 11th January 2019

  Bangkok soon. Pragya tries to speak to Abhi that she is really afraid, she was tensed. A manager comes to call Abhi right then, and he cuts the call. Poorab and Trisha comes to Pragya’s room then. Trisha apologizes Pragya for not being able to lie to Poorab. Poorab complains about not sharing her […]

Friday Update on This is Fate 11th December 2019

Karan decides she will have to take a bit of tension, Preeta was right about Sherlin. He will now find a proof against her and expose her. He calls Sameer for help. There, Dadi welcomes Rishab and goes to prepare tea. Preeta accompanies Rishab. Rishab says he wanted to apologize Preeta, he wasn’t with her […]

Friday Update on Gangaa 4th January 2019

Mehri shouts Amma ji. Jalebi Prasad tugs at her saree. Ganga finally picks him up. Mehri understands that they are behind this. She rushes downstairs to tell Amma ji. Ganga asks Jalebi Prasad if he is fine. Sagar is more worried about his Dadi’s reaction. Mehri’s scream brings out everyone in the courtyard. Mehri tells […]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 4th January 2019

Pragya says soap went into her eye. Abhi says now I will make you get bath and takes her inside. Pragya says she will go and says she will not give him permission. Abhi says it is my right. They play in the water tub. Pragya slips. Abhi holds her and thinks why she is […]