29th Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Inspector warning the Boss of the robbers to leave everyone. Boss tells them that they will rob the bank and will go freely from there. Boss says this inspector will die. Dasi asks Purab not to go. Dadi asks her to switch on the TV. Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks her to stop Purab, […]

Friday 22nd March Update on Gangaa

Ammaji says  that she cant stay here, as keeping her here, is like keeping a snake, that might bite anytime. prabha hears this and is shocked. all are apalled. his mother asks her to hush as prabha is here. ammaji eyes her tensedly and then leaves. his mother comes to prabha, apologising for ammaji, but […]

22nd Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya and Abhi see each other and get shocked and emotional. Sad music plays… .. Abhi gets tears in his eyes. He recalls seeing Pragya in police station asking Inspector to give a chance to her husband, they are married since 7 years and that he can’t do anything wrong. Mr. Wick announces that Abhi […]

Friday 22nd Update on This is Fate

Prithvi gets a call from Neil. Neil demands him some more money, a girl witnessed them killing the girl. He warns that the girl may now go and complain in police and his men might fall weak. He can’t shut their mouths. He offers Prithvi another option, to kill Shrishti if Prithvi agrees to send […]

Friday 15 Update on This is Fate

The girls return from party. Dadi tells them and Sarla that she made Janki write these three words. She says it seems Preeta or Prithvi know about the person. Preeta says she doesn’t. Shrishti was suspicious of Prithvi. Preeta recalls Prithvi’s words and says they can’t think wrong about Prithvi like this. Sarla was also […]

15th March Friday Update on Gangaa

Palash sends Ganga and Pulkit in a different direction to look for Mehri. He next calls his goons to make sure they are not able to track Mehri. Mehri hides behind a car with her kids. Sagar requests Inspector to call Ganga once. I want to make sure she is fine. She went to find […]

15th March Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Disha comes to talk to Pragya, but just then bell rings and kids go to their classes. Disha turns to Pragya, but she is already gone. She sees earring kept there and it reminds her of Pragya. Suwarni Dadi tells abhi that she wants to come with him to the conference. Mitali says shall I […]

Friday Update on Gangaa 1st March 2019

Sagar continues to vent his anger out on Janvi. My papa thinks the same. he thinks that the defence lawyer is more smart and intelligent than me. Are you happy now? He heads upstairs followed by Ganga. Janvi wipes her tears. Ganga claps for Sagar. Wow, advocate Sagar Chaturvedi! You troubled everyone just because of […]

Twist of Fate Friday Update 1st March 2019

Police checks for Simonika. She is still in truck and thinks what to do. She thinks she will kill Pragya, Purab and Abhi together during Dussera. Dadi asks Abhi and Pragya, why they are staring at each other. Pragya says she wants to talk to him for some time. Dadi says if you keep on […]

Twist of Fate Friday Update 22 February 2019

Abhi goes downstairs and come in dancing with a drum beater and some girls. He announces it would be a grand celebration here, he invited Rishab Karan and Sarla’s family as well. Sarla apologizes Purab for not being able to come to the party. She excuses Abhi as Bee ji and Janki are both unwell. […]