Strings of Love Friday Update February 9th 2024

Garry offers Seerat’s jewelry to his girlfriend Sara. Sara says she risked her life by wearing Sahiba’s mask and enacting as her, he had promised a huge sum, but is giving just his wife’s jewelry. Garry says this is just the beginning and he will give her more. He notices her still wearing snake-shaped ring and asks her to remove it immediately. Sara says let it be as it’s his lucky charm. He forcefully removes it from her finger, revealing her finger tattoo, and asks her to leave.

Sara leaves, leaving her house key in the car by mistake. Sahiba’s lawyer calls her and asks for her marriage certificate. Angad cries looking at Sahiba’s dupatta. Seerat knocks the door and walks in. Angad hides dupatta behind him. Seerat says she brought a windchime for him as it would get positive energy and insists to fix it herself while he says he will do it later.

Sahiba walks in next. Seerat reminds that Sahiba’s words enter Angad’s room only after knocking the door. Sahiba sahiba she is still Angad’s wife and doesn’t need to knock the door. She notices windchime and says Angad likes pin drop silence while sleep, so fixing windchime is a bad idea. Seerat says she is worried about Angad’s sleep even after complaining against Akaal and making Angad sleepless. Sahiba informs Angad that her lawyer needs their marriage certificate. Angad hands it over to her. Seerat says Angad will divorce her if she doesn’t prove herself innocent, which is unlikely. Sahiba says there is no meaning for their relationship when Angad doesn’t value it at all.

Manveer gets a journalist’s call and says she doesn’t want to give any interview. She notices Inder’s phone ringing and picks it. Caller says he couldn’t search the said person, shall he stop searching now or continue his search. Manveer asks whom Inder is searching for. Inder returns and snatches his phone and warns not to cross her limits as they still are not in good terms. Angad misses Sahiba and imagines her in his room. Ek Kudi Ji Da Naam Mohabbath.. song plays in the background. He holds her dupatta and imagines her painting his nose and laughing at him. Even he laughs and then realizes he is imagining her.

Seerat misses Garry and thinks Garry’s presence and absence are equal to her as Garry doesn’t value her a bit, she will reveal Garry’s truth to Angad one day. She passes by Angad’s room and seeing him working on laptop offers him tea. Angad says earlier windchime and now tea, she doesn’t have to do so much for him. Seerat says he had promised to take care of him, so it’s her duty to take care of him. He sips tea and says its missing cardamom as Sahiba adds it. He asks why she is awake till now. Seerat says she is waiting for Garry.

Angad asks to tell truth if she herself gave her jewelry to Garry. Seerat thinks Angad got suspicious. Garry walks in and asks Sahiba what is she doing with Angad. Seerat says Angad was working till late night, so she brought tea for him. Garry says she should prepare her husband’s favorite coffee also. Angad asks if everything is alright between them. Garry says yes, he had gone out with friends and even asked Seerat to accompany him, but she didn’t. He tells Seerat that he wants to spend quality time with her and takes her to room.

Sara calls Garry and says she left her home keys in his car. Garry says he can’t come now. Sara threatens that she will come there and reveal that she is Sara who disguised as Sahiba filed complaint against Akaal and put Sahiba into trouble. Garry angrily agrees to meet her and asks Seerat to give him a towel. Seerat asks where is he going. Garry says it’s none of her business and shouts at her.

Sahiba video calls Veer and Keerat and says she has made a list of tattoo shops areawise and sent them, they all 3 will go to different areas and check each tattoo stop to find where the imposter got her tattoo made. Maid walks to Sahiba and says Inder needs a herbal decoction and chef is on leave. Sahiba says she will prepare it and asks her not to reveal Inder that she prepared it. Garry walks to parking lot and meets Sara. Sara asks her home keys and threatens that she will not spare him until he pays her full amount. Garry finds Sara’s keychain in his car and returns to her. Sahiba hears sound outside and peeps from window. She notices Garry with a girl who has a snake tattoo in her finger.