Destined by Fate Friday 19th Update 2024 Rashmi Is Exposed

Ravi points at Rashmi. Kanha asks if she is the one who wants to kill Sayuri. Rashmi panics and says he is lying. Nakul holds Ravi’s collar and asks him to tell truth. Ravi says he did that on Rashmi’s orders after receiving money from her. Rashmi says again he is lying. Sayuri shouts at her to stop her lies and informs family that she had kept a big secret from them. Rashmi pleads Sayuri not to reveal truth as she has changed and will never do a mistake again. Sayuri reveals that Rashmi had pushed her from cliff. Family is shocked to hear that. Sayuri apologizes Kanha for hiding truth from him. Kanha says he is sad that she didn’t trust him and suffered alone. Nakul breaks things venting out his anger and tells Rashmi that she broke his family like this furniture.

Rashmi cries that she has changed and will never do any mistake again. Sayuri tongue lashes Rashmi for backstabbing her. Indu slaps Rashmi and says Kanha’s Rakhi and Nakul’s goodness stopped them, but a mother can’t stop punishing her daughter for her heinous crime. Police walks in. Kanha gets Ravi arrested. Sayuri says one more person will also be arrested and asks insepctor to arrest Rashmi for trying to kill her. Rashmi pleads her not to get her arrested as she didn’t do anything this time. She pleads each family members to spare her, but everyone stand silently. Police drags her into jeep. Rashmi asks Ravi why did he take her name when she doesn’t even know him.

Back home, family feels ashamed for Rashmi’s heinous act. Saroj and Daadi mausi recall hiring Ravi to frighten Sayuri and order him point at Rashmi if he is ever caught. They both look at each other’s face. Dhanraj asks everyone to go and rest now. Back to room, Saroj thanks Daadi Mausi for listening to Sayuri and Rashmi’s conversation and learning about Rashmi’s lies. She fears that Ravi will take their name. Daadi Mausi says he will not as she gave him sufficient money. Saroj asks what if police checks Ravi’s call records. Inspector shows call records to Rashmi and says she has made calls to Ravi. Sayuri says its not her phone and pleads that she didn’t do anything. Saroj says now nobody can catch them. Daadi Mausi says once Mithu and Kanha’s DNA report comes, she can kick even Sayuri out of the house.