Strings of Love Friday 12th Update Sahiba Shocks Angad With Her Lie

Angad tells Sahiba that he had called Keerat as he wanted to see Sahiba’s shop once and found even Sahiba there. Sahiba asks when he knew shop address, why he called Keerat. Angad says she wasn’t ready to talk to him and he wanted to know about the shop. Sahiba says what will he do knowing about the shop which isn’t present now. Manveer walks in and says she heard that he went on a drive with Veer and felt good seeing her son is recovering well. She informs that she has arranged langar service in his name at gurudwara tonight and asks Sahiba if she will accompany them. Sahiba says she will. Manveer says she thought Sahiba will not as she hates Angad. Sahiba says like everyone even she prayed for Angad’s life and will definitely visit gurudwara and pray for him.

Kiara returns home tensed and picks phone to inform her boyfriend Jatin about her pregnancy. Her pregnancy report falls down, and servant picks it. Her friend calls her and she walks away shouting she will talk to her later. Angad and family reach gurudwara and pray. Sahiba prays with Angad. Kiara also joins Sahiba and prays. Jasleen and Garry are surprised to see Kiara in gurudwara and question her. She says she passed her exam today and hence came to thank god. Angad and Sahiba serve langar to devotees. Seerat asks Garry to pray with her. Garry humiliates her and walks away. Seerat then walks to Angad and says she feels good seeing him recovering so fast. Angad gives credit to Sahiba who is taking care of him so well. He rejoins Sahiba and serves devotees. Seerat thinks if she shall inform Angad how Garry totures her, but he is always busy praising Sahiba. Manveer asks Japjyoth if the family members can have langar now. Japjyoth agrees. Seerat slips and holds Angad’s hand. Jasleen notices that and thinks Seerat always falls where Angad is around and Angad is present whenever Seerat needs help.

Family returns home and discusses about peaceful completion of langar service. Veer says Manveer looks happy after a long time. Manveer asks why shouldn’t she when her son has recovered well. Veer says then she should thank Sahiba for taking good care of Angad and got him well. Akaal says Angad should start working again. Angad says he will take Garry’s help at work. Akaal sternly refuses to involve backstabber Garry in business and asks him to take Veer’s help. Veer happily agrees. Gurleen notices a report on table and feels happy reading it. She shows it to Manveer who stands shocked followed by Inder and others. Akaal asks what happened to everyone. Gurleen reveals that Sahiba is pregnant. Angad stands shocked. Kiara realizes its her report and fears Sahiba may reveal truth. Manveer and Inder say its impossible as Angad and Sahiba never consummated. Sahiba lies that she is pregnant to save Kiara. Angad stands shocked.