Radha Mohan Friday Update 15 March 2024


Radha Mohan Friday Update 15 March 2024

Mohan is standing outside the hospital room of Radha, he apologizes mentioning had he listened to her on the call then might have been able to reach her on time, he keeps asking for her forgiveness. Mohan remembers when he would put ice cream in the clothes of Radha, she will start crying instead of enjoying it, she would ask him to do anything else other then put ice as she can not handle the cold. Radha explains that she feels so cold that if she even goes to Himachal or Kashmir in the summer then might not be able to bear, he is really emotional thinking how Radha would have survived in such extreme cold. He recalls the day of their Haldi function, how Radha got close to him due to which he was not able to resist her care, she was always there to protect him from any sort of trouble and even showed her affections towards him, but he said the worst thing which happened in his life was their marriage, he even asked her to leave before he says something which he does not want and regrets later, he blamed that Radha has snatched his daughter and he desired she should never have come into his life. Mohan is not able to control his tears.


Ketki and Gungun both start throwing the medicines on Damini an Kaveri, they ask Ajeet and Rahul to do something, Ajeet says he will do something but also starts throwing the medicines, Kaveri threatens to curse them, Damini gets furious saying they must stop informing she has realized there is no need for them here so she is going to leave, Ketki replies Radha has a problem with them both as they both would surely do something, the nurse comes questioning what is this noise, she asks them all to be a little polite. Gungun suggests they can lock them both here, Damini is stunned and even Kaveri asks if she has lost her mind, Kaveri asks Kadambari to see what her daughter and Grand daughter are saying to them, Kadambari however do not say anything while Ketki and Gungun along with Ajeet start walking towards them, Gungun opening the door of the store room push them both inside, Gungun informs they both will stay here until Radha wakes up, she locks the door. Tulsi praises Gungun mentioning this is what they both deserve.

Kaveri tells Damini that their plan failed so what will they do, Damini informs if Radha tells the truth then everything would be ruined, she explains Mohan will do everything possible to send her to jail, revealing a lot of bad things have happened in the life of Mohan including the death of Tulsi but he never turned away from her, however today he is not even seeing her face. Damini prays that Radha should die on the bed

The doctor coming to Mohan explains his wife and the mother of Gungun is really brave, he informs he has not seen anything like this in his entire career however informs that the next twelve hours are very important, if she survives then it would be an even greater miracle then the one which happened in the cold storage. Kaveri and Damini get worried, when Damini says Radha would be survived once again and she feels Radha cannot die, she has done everything possible. Kaveri exclaims Radha can even come back from the death because of how Mohan is taking her name. Damini mentions they surely have to do something but need to escape from this place, Damini informs if Radha tells the truth today then they both would be surely sent to jail. Damini seeing in the corner smiles thinking she got what she was looking for.

Mohan is requesting the doctor to meet Radha, but he says it is not possible when Mohan informs the doctor said Radha survived in the cold storage as she desired to meet them so she needs to talk with her in order to wake her up.

Kaveri mentions that their lives are at risk but her daughter is thinking of acting, Damini comes dressed as a nurse and opening the window informs that she will climb down the pipe, kaveri slaps her saying if she falls then would break her bones and die, Damini says if Radha wakes up then their death is certain, so she can make one last effort to get rid of Radha. Kaveri helps Damini as she is climbing out of the window, Kaveri requests her to be careful but Damini is really scared standing on the shelf, Kaveri lets go of her hand, Damini starts climbing down the pipe, while Kaveri is really worried however Damini manages to reach half way, she stops to catch her breath and smiles seeing her mother. Damini manages to climb down, Kaveri is relieved seeing it, she prays to Bhagwan to help her daughter.

Damini walks away after covering her face with a mask.

Mohan slowly opens the door of Radha’s room and enters when the nurse leaves. Mohan once again thinks how he said that the worst thing which happened in his life was their marriage and he prayed that she should never come back. Mohan thinks what has he done as the person who came to fill his life with happiness, is in this darkness because of him.

Gungun asks Ajeet what was this the doctor saying about Radha, she asks why is no one answering her question Ketki assures that nothing bad will happen as Radha would be fine. Kadambari asks her to not give any false hope to Gungun because f it breaks then she would not be able to survive, Ketki replies she is sure that nothing bad will happen to Radha. Tulsi says this is what she desires that the hope of Ketki along with the mother hood of Radha should win.