Destined by Fate Friday 12th Update 2024

Bhanu prepares Sayuri’s favorite halwa and asks Indu to go and give it to Sayuri as she must have missed it since a year. Indu asks her not to remember about Sayuri’s troubles and asks if they should return home. Bhanu says they should as guests should stay at someone’s house until they are respected. Rashmi hears that and asks why they are thinking so. Indu asks her not to stop her, they will leave once Sayuri gets completely well as they can’t stay at daughters’ house for long. Rashmi says she is right as a MIL can’t stay at SIL’s house for long, they can visit us often. She thinks the lesser Sayuri’s supporters in this house, the more good for her. Indu says she will go and give Sayuri’s favorite halwa. Rashmi says she will go and give it to Sayuri and thinks let her see how much Sayuri likes her favorite halwa.

Kuku falls asleep tired after dancing. Sayuri switches off TV. TV switches on automatically and Vikrant emerges in TV and calls her Sachu. Sayuri panics and tries to walk out. Rashmi walks in and asks what happened. Sayuri points at TV. Rashmi says there is no one here and asks what did she see. Sayuri thinks she can’t trust Rashmi and says its nothing. On the other side, Nakul brings Kanha’s favorite coffee and reminds him how they both and Chiru used to go on a long drive for coffee and roadside tea. Kanha asks if he wants to discuss about this new project. Nakul asks him to spend some quality time with Sayuri and then return to business after some time. Kanha says he prayed god for 1 child and god bestowed him with 2 daughters, he wants to find a lawyer to legally adopted Kuku and perform Mithu’s naming ceremony.

Rashmi offers halwa to Sayuri and lies that he prepared it. Sayuri gets suspicious
and asks her to taste it. Rashmi tastes a teaspoonful and asks Sayuri to have it now. Sayuri says nothing happens with just 1 teaspon. Rashmi asks if she thinks she mixed poison in halwa. Sayuri says she doesn’t trust Rashmi after what she did. Rashmi says they are sisters. Sayuri says their relationship ended when Rashmi pushed her from cliff and tried to kill her. Rashmi pleads to trust her. Kanha walks in and asks what are they talking about. Rashmi says Sayuri doesn’t want her support. Kanha says Rashmi should support Sayuri. Rashmi walks away. Sayuri thinks he shouldn’t inform him that she saw Vikrant in TV or not.

Saroj steals his used coffee cup for DNA test. Daadi Mausi steals Mithu’s bottle. Saroj thanks Daadi mausi for supporting her. At night, Sayuri feels thirsty and walks to living room to have water. Lights flicker. Sayuri hears Vikrant’s voice who challenges her that he will get her at any cost. She panics again and hides under the dining table. Kanha walks to her and comforts her.