Anupama Friday 12th Update 2024 Dimple’s Statement To Media

Barkha does meditation to calm her anger. Ankush taunts her that her anger is not calming down even with meditation; she and her brother had planned to grab Kapadia empire as Maaya is gone, Anuj would be busy with CA, and Anupama would have gone to USA for ever, but their plan miserably failed. Barkha says all thanks to Anupama, why she wants to play maa game when they were there to take care of CA, now Anuj would be wandering behind Anupama and they would be wandering behind Anuj. Ankush says even she is a mother and should respect Anupama’s sacrifice. Barkha calls him Anupama’s devotee and asks him to spare her. Anuj says Anupama sacrificed her career for her child and she.. Barkha asks if he is thinking about his illegitimate child, he shouldn’t dare bring him there. Ankush thinks Anupama being an adopted mother is worried for CA, but being a biological father he is not worried for his son.

Samar returns home. Hasmukh asks how did his workshop finish so soon. Samar asks if Anupama is fine. Leela says his wife would have informed him about Anupama and he came here leaving his job midway. Samar says he will go and speak to mummy. Vanraj walks in and says he knows he is worried for Anupama like them, they should leave her in peace for some time and come to terms. Hasmukh says he shouldn’t go there. Toshu walks in and says whatever had to be done is already done by Samar’s wife. He shows news paper and says Dimpy has confirmed that Anupama broke Malti Devi/MD’s contract by not going to USA, MD incurred huge losses, will Anupama repay MD’s losses. Toshu says Anupama did so much for Dimpy and Dimpy backstabbed her in return. Leela says she had warned them already, Dimpy is not their house’s Laxmi but a disaster. Vanraj says Dimpy shouldn’t have given this statement. Leela says Dimpy will spit only fire from her mouth.

Dimpy says she didn’t say anything wrong. Leela says she is an thankless, greedy, backbiting woman; she didn’t say anything wrong. Kinjal asks Dimpy when she can’t hear truth, why does she speak nonsense. Dimpy says instead of media exaggerating the news, she cleared the misunderstanding. Kavya says she should have just said no comments. Dimpy says she just said the fact. Hasmukh says house doesn’t run on facts but mutual understanding. Dimpy rudely asks him to share his gyaan to media people or Anupama because of whom this all his happening. Everyone stand shocked while she walks away. Toshu says people wrongly call Rakhi as nagin/snake, real poison is filled in Dimpy. Samar requests him to stop. Toshu says he should go and stop his wife instead. Samar leaves. Leela says Samar is wife’s puppet and will not utter a word in front of Dimpy. Vanraj says they don’t know what MD will do, Anupama doesn’t know about an upcoming storm.

Anupama decorates a princess room for CA. Anuj says she created a palace for CA. Anupama says its princess Bebli’s palace, doctor had suggested to keep her happy. Anuj talks about parent’s efforts to keep children happy. Anupama asks Pakhi to call CA down. Pakhi walks to CA’s room and sees her talking to Maaya’s photo. She takes her down blindfolded saying Anupama has planned a surprise for her. CA is surprised to see princess room. Anuj and Anupama dance around her on Itti Si Khushi Itti Si Hasi.. song. Pakhi and Ankush join them. Anupama then pampers CA emotionally, looking at Maaya’s photo.

MD prays god recalling Anupama’a drama in aero plane. Servant keeps news paper on and tea on a table for her. Anuj tells Ankush that they saw happiness after a long time and hopes Anupama calms down MD soon. MD enjoys tea and is about to pick news paper when maid slips and drops a bag. MD asks her to be careful and seeing Anupama’s photo popping out of it asks what is it. Nakul says its Anupama’s stuff. MD looks Anupama and CA’s photo and thinks she will snatch the reason from Anupama because of which she destroyed MD’s hard-earned name and fame. CA cuts cake. Anuj and Anupama feed cake to each other. Anupama goes to bring gift box and reads news in the news paper.