Saturday 22nd March Update on Gangaa

On the road While ammaji and ragini are fast asleep, sagar drives the car, while ganga sits tensedly staring out of the car, blankly. he notices everyone else asleep, and then places his hand on hers, and she is petrified. he asks whats the matter. she says that this isnt right, with them in the […]

23nd Sat Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi asks if she still feels his pain, if her heart beats for him, if she thinks about him and miss him. He asks her to tell the truth and says we will see what to do. Pragya nods no, and says no. Jag soona plays… Abhi is shocked and moves back. Abhi says you […]

Saturday 23rd Update on This is Fate Zee World

Neil mocks being emotional, then says they will get even more money if they don’t reveal the name to her. He only wish to tell Shrishti he is someone she knows closely. Neil tells Shrishti that it was his men who told him he is some relative. Shrishti was sure she has no relation with […]

Saturday 16th March Update on Gangaa

The baby cries. Ganga tries to pacify the baby but in vain. She heads towards the kitchen to get milk for the baby. Palash gets tensed. Mehri hears her too. Ganga is headed towards the kitchen but Palash stops her. Mehri just fed the baby. I think the baby is missing its mother. Ganga says […]

Saturday 16 Update on This is Fate

Karan calls her that he is here and Prithvi also arrived. Shrishti places Name Plates of dishes on food tables. She then comes to place water bottle over the dispenser. Sameer comes to help her with the heavy bottle. He keeps his stare on her face. Shrishti gulps hard while Sameer looks away. They don’t […]

16th March Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi says when he was with her. Tanu thinks atleast world knows that I am having Mehra surname and determines not to let Pragya come inbetween them. Tanu asking Abhi where is he going? Abhi says it is none of your matter. Suwarni Dadi comes there and asks Abhi if he loves Pragya or not? […]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 23th February 2019

Sanotshi asks Ganga why she is saying so about her vermilion. Santoshi touches her forehead. Ganga sets it right. Dint your husband come with you? Santoshi is uncomfortable. Ganga says sorry. Santoshi denies. He will accompany me next time to Banaras if Santoshi Ma wishes so. Are you married? Ganga shakes her head. Maybe you […]

Twist of Fate Saturday Update 23 February 2019

Sangram and his goons taking Disha wrapped in carpet. Sarla asks Purab who is he? Purab says he is our cook. Sangram says carpet will get dirty and that’s why he is taking it outside. Abhi comes there playing and asks sangram to go and cook. Once Abhi goes, Sangram takes the carpet out. Mitali […]

This is Fate Saturday Update 23th February 2019

Preeta and Rishab were speaking to each other when she comes across a jewelry case. She asks about his consent regarding an earpiece set. Rishab suggests another one. Karan comes near a dummy outside the changing room. Prithvi cautiously goes out to check and finds Karan speaking to the dummy. He tells Sherlin that Karan […]

16th Saturday Update on This is Fate

Preeta and Rishab come outside together. Rakhi complements Rishab as he wore conventional jeans. Karan comes out in a changed dress. Preeta makes fun of him. Karan announces he will drive the car and goes outside. After Rakhi had also left, Sarla laughs over Karan’s attitude. Shrishti turns to leave annoyed with Sarla. Preeta asks […]