Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 30 December 2023


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 30 December 2023

Prachi telling Ranbir that she loves him and can’t live without him. She asks him to take her away from there. Ranbir says let’s go. Akshay says I am married to Prachi now, you can’t take her and can’t make her yours. Ranbir says she is already my wife and she loves me, I will take her from here. Akshay says she doesn’t love you, she has married me so that she gets her daughter. Ranbir asks Prachi to tell Akshay, how much she loves him. Akshay asks her to answer. Prachi leaves Ranbir’s hand and then gives a cunning smile to Ranbir, saying she doesn’t love him. She tells that she is very happy that she has married Akshay, as he is really a good person. He recalls her words which she told to Shahana. All the drama turns out to be Ranbir’s imagination. He is still sitting and drinking wine, while Prachi and Akshay still dance. Yeh baarishon ka paani plays…..Ranbir goes from there. He is seen driving the car and recalls Prachi’s words. He recalls Prachi’s happy face while taking elders’ blessings with Akshay. He cries feeling of losing her.


Vishaka asks waiter to give the drink to the guests. She asks Dadi to do bidaai and send her with us. She says Prachi is now our bahu. Akshay’s mother says she is now more than our daughter. Ashok says he always wanted to make Prachi as his bahu. Akshay says he has rolled many papads to get her, and says they shall change the business to papad business. Ashok says once he thought to give them dowry and gave his son as dowry. Akshay says she got my father too along with me. Akshay’s mother tells Prachi that she has completed their family. Vishaka says our family. Akshay asks Dadi to do her bidaai, before she changes her plan.

Dadi asks Shahana to get the bidaai stuff. Ashok says Prachi puttar…I am not worried for Akshay now and gave his hand in right hands now. Abhay and Divya laugh. Vishaka asks Abhay to bring her car. Dadi asks Prachi if she saw, how much everyone loves her, and tells that they gave you place in their hearts, and in Ranbir’s house, you couldn’t get place even in house, leave the heart. Shahana brings bidaai stuff. Dadi asks Prachi to come. Prachi gets up. Vishaka explains the bidaai ritual. Prachi bids adieu for her house. Ranbir throws the wine bottle from the car and recalls Prachi happily dancing with Akshay. He recalls Akshay introducing her as Prachi tendon. He gets drowsy while driving the car.

Akshay, Prachi and others come out. Abhay says your chariot is ready. Akshay tells her that she had one home before, and now two homes. He bends down on his knees and asks her to hold his hand. He promises that he will always take care of her and will never let any tears come in her eyes, and she will have just happiness. He says I promise that I will be with you, as the mountain, and my life will have only one aim is my Prachi’s happiness, and says I might hurt you unknowingly, but will never hurt her knowingly. He assures her. Prachi holds his hand. She hugs Dadi and Shahana and cries. Vishaka asks her to sit in the car. Ashok calls driver and asks him to take them home. Prachi is thinking of Ranbir while going with Akshay. She gets teary eyes. She wipes her tears and says stop the car. Ranbir opens his eyes, sees Prachi infront of his car, gets down and smiles. Song plays…tu thodi der….She smiles.Prachi asking driver to stop the car. Ranbir opens his eyes and sees Prachi standing infront of his car. He gets down and comes to him. Prachi smiles and looks at him. Song plays……They keep hand on each other’s cheek and have a hug. Tu thodi der plays….He says you have come to me, I will not let you go anywhere now, we will stay together. Prachi asks him to take her to his house. Ranbir says I had come to take you, to marry you and asks her to come with him. It turns out to be his imagination (like always). He thinks Prachi haven’t come, she is not mine now, she has become of someone else. He says why she has not come? He takes wine and drinks.