Lost In Love Saturday Update 28 October 2023


Lost In Love Saturday Update 28 October 2023

Sai serves dinner to her colleagues and asks them not to make any excuses and have a hearty feast. She serves puran poli to Amba and says Satya told she likes puran poli. Satya makes Sai sit and serves her food. He then feeds food to Savi. Sheetal says Sai is lucky to get Satya as a life partner. Rani says Satya tunes well with Sai’s children. Amba says Sai got a good husband, but her son didn’t get a good wife. Virat mourns after Vinu’s birthday recalling Sai and Satya’s growing proximity and drinks alcohol. Jane Woh Kaise Log The Jinko Pyar Pe Pyar Mila…song plays in the background. He recalls Vinu adopting Sai as his mother until Pahi returns. Sai smiles lying on bed recalling Vinu’s request. Satya smiles seeing her, lying on a couch. Sai falls asleep while Virat continues to drink and mourn.


Next morning, Sai feeds breakfast to Savi. Vinu video calls her and wishes her good morning aayi/mother. Sai asks him to repeat it as she was yearning to hear aayi from him. Vinu asks where is Savi. Sai shows Savi. Vinu asks if she still eats from aayi’s hands. Savi says yes. Sai says she will send tiffin and dry fruits for him. Virat walks in and tells Vinu that he is getting late for school. Satya corrects Sai’s hair just then. Virat gets jealous seeing that. Savi thanks Satya. Sai tells Vinu that she will call him later. She tells Satya not to do that again. Satya asks regarding what? Amba walks to them and asks Satya to return home soon as Sai will have vat savitri fast tomorrow for Satya. Savitri and Alka say even they will fast with Sai. Amba thinks who will fast for Virat this time. Virat says he doesn’t want to live at all as Sai married Satya, Pakhi left him, Vinu adopted Sai, etc. Bhavani warns him not to say that.

Satya with Sai reaches office and says she doesn’t have to obey Amba and fast, she can just act in front of Amba. Sai says she will fast as per their culture. Sheetal tells Satya that Sai will fast for him. Satya thinks if Sai really loves him. Rani informs Satya and Sai that a senior police officer is shot and is brought here. Sai notices commissioner being brought in by his daughter Siya and wife and sends him to OT. Commissioner’s wife informs that commissioner is attacked. Satya asks Rani to send Dr Survase to OT as they need his expertise during surgery. Virat reaches hospital and asks about commissioner. Nurse says he is rushed to OT. In OT, Satya asks Siya not to remove her hand from her father’s chest as bleeding will start again. Siya describes what really happened. Virat walks commissioner’s wife and asks what really happened. Wife says commissioner was attacked and describes that someone shot a rocket on commissioner and it pierced into his chest. Virat asks if she saw the rocket blasting. Wife says no. Virat says that means rocket still hasn’t blasted. Sai asks Siya to remove her hand from commissioner’s chest slowly. Virat rushes in and asks Siya not to remove her hand from chest and asks what she feels under her hand. Siya says a metal object. Virat asks her to not remove her hand at any cost and asks doctors to come out with him. Sai, Satya, and Survase walk with him. Virat informs that commissioner is attacked with a rocket and it hasn’t blasted yet, but will blast anytime if Siya removes her hand from commissioner’s chest. Dr Survase says hospital is filled with patients and staff. Virat says nobody will be harmed and asks him to evacuate the hospital. He asks Satya to take commissioner’s x-ray in OT itself and make sure Siya doesn’t remove her hand even for a second.