My Desire Saturday Update 2 December 2023


My Desire Saturday Update 2 December 2023

Samrat rudely behaves with Nayantara’s family and asks him to get out of his house as Nayan doesn’t love him and has left him. Aliya asks if he is in his senses. Samrat says when Nayan doesn’t want any relationship with him, even he doesn’t want to keep any relationship with her family and they should leave his house. Aaliya asks if he has gone mad. Samrat shouts even she can go with them. Mohit says he thought he has changed and become a good man, but he hasn’t changed. Sam asks him also to leave if he wants to. Everyone walk away. Sam thinks he can’t accept that Nayan is no more and will search for her in the morning again, he will bring her family back home once he finds her.

Govind tells family that he never saw Samrat misbehaving like this, something has happened. Malati says she doesn’t care and is just worried about her daughter as she is not reachable. She prays for Nayan’s safety. Shanti asks her to talk positive. Ishani says they will visit police station after leaving from this house. Malati says she is right. She with whole family walks to Sam and says she doesn’t want to see his face in life again and will not spare him if something happens to Nayan. Prem requests them not to go. Ishani asks him to accompany them and let Samrat stay alone. Samrat says Prem will not go anywhere, he is his son and will stay with him. Ishani says he never accepted Prem as his son and hates him, Nayan was taking care of Prem, they will not leave Prem with such a person. Sam says he is legally Prem’s father and nobody can take him away from him. They walk away. Prem pleads them tot ake him along.


Samrat drags him to his room and shouts that he will stay with him in this house. Aaliya asks him to behave with a kid. Sam shouts he was a monster from before, its Nayan who.. He picks alcohol bottle and walks away. Aaliya hopes Nayan returns and handles Sam. Sam walks to his room and cries that he can’t live without Hayan and she wants her back in his life. After some time, Mansi walks to him. Sam shouts why did she return here, he can’t bear her even for a second. Mansi asks him to relax, he had promised to stay with her after killing Nayan. Sam strangulates her. Mansi pleads to spare him and drops a vase. Prem wakes up hearing a sound and goes to check. He is shocked to see Mansi. Samrat shouts he had to push Nayan from a cliff because of her, he will not spare her. Mansi gives him Prem’s promise. He spares her and shouts at her to get out before he loses his control. Mansi leaves. Sam collapses on a sofa.

Mohit and Ishani return from a police station. Malati asks what did police say. IShani says inspector told they have to wait for 24 hours to file a missing complaint. Malati continues to show her concern for Nayan. Ishani assures her that they will find Nayan soon. Prem calls Mohit from landline and asks him to come there with Ishani soon. Malati gets more worried. Ishani asks her to calm down, they will inform her whatever must have happened there. Aaliya wakes up and doesn’t find beside him. She goes in search of him. Mohit and Ishani meet Prem and ask why did he call them at this time. Prem reveals that Mansi is alive. Mohit asks why he thinks so. Prem says he saw Mansi in hall some time ago and describes whole story. Ishani questions if Mansi is alive and reason behind Nayan missing. Mohit says maybe Mansi is blackmailing Sam after hiding Nayan somewhere. They both decide to confront Sam.

Aaliya informs Sam that Prem is missing. Sam asks if she left the door open. Aaliya says no. Prem walks in with Mohit and Ishani. Sam asks what are they doing here, where had they taken Prem. Ishani says they came here to question him, why did he hide that Mansi is alive. Aaliya is shocked and says Mansi is dead. Mohit says Sam knows that Mansi is dead. Aaliya asks Sam if Mohit is telling truth. Sam asks who told them that Mansi is alive. Mohit says Prem. Prem says he saw Sam and Mansi fighting in this house some time ago. Aaliya insists Sam to reveal truth. Sam agrees that Mansi is alive. Ishani asks if mansi did something to Nayan. Sam sends Prem to his room and says Mansi didn’t do anything this time, he harmed Nayan instead.