Anupama Saturday 6th Update Hasmukh Returns Home


Anupama Saturday 6th Update Hasmukh Returns Home

Vanraj tells family that Anupama’s flight took off, finally she went to Anupama. Leela says now just a flight took off, she doesn’t know how will they manage without her. Kinjal says they need to handle their own responsibilities. Kavya says she is worried for Anuj who has to handle choti Anu/CA’s responsibility. Dimpy gets Barkha’s message that CA ran calling for mummy and fell down. CA murmurs in sleep to call her mummy. Anuj says he will be both her mummy and papa. He imagines Anupama and says they both are missing her and hopes if she had not to choose her dreams, they all 3 would have been together. He says they both are one soul in two bodies and he feels he lost his life. Anupama stops him. Anuj says Anupama taught him to live but not without her, then how can his daughter live without her. Anupama asks if she should return back. Anuj says no, he spoke what was in his heart; she shouldn’t return sacrificing her dream. He breaks down. Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi.. song plays in the background. Anupama wipes his tears and comforts him and makes him asleep on her lap.

Next morning, Leela prays god that Anupama went to America, send her back soon, keep her family happy, send Hasmukh back home. Hasmukh returns home and says he wanted to return yesterday and see off Anupama, but couldn’t. He prays god that his daughter did a lot for his family and wants her to be happy forever. Family gets happy seeing him and takes his blessings. A delivery boy delivers sugar-free cream rolls and says Anupama had asked him to give it to Hasmukh tomorrow. Hasmukh says Anupama expressed her love for him even without a word, they all need to handle themselves and let Anupama work there peacefully, they need to even Anuj and CA.

Anuj wakes up in the morning and says like CA needs her mummy, even he needs Anupama; he wants her to help him take care of her. Ankush calls him and asks him to come down soon. Anuj rushes down and gets happy seeing Hasmukh. Hasmukh apologies him for not coming early and asks about CA. Anuj says he tried his best to handle her but failed. Hasmukh asks how is he. Anuj breaks down hugging him. Hasmukh comforts him and says everything will be alright. CA walks down calling mummy and asks if she is pressing her school uniform and preparing lunch box for her. She notices, runs and hugs him, and asks him to tell where mummy is. Hasmukh stands speechless. At shah house, Kinjal says their neighbor Sheela aunty sent them raw mangoes. Leela says she will ask Anupama to prepare its murabba as only she prepares the best murabbba. Kinjal reminds that Anupama went to USA.

CA continues to ask where her mummy is. Kavya says her mummy has gone to gurukul as she has an event there and she knows how strict gurumaa is. She convinces her to have food and feeds her. Barkha says Kavya easily convinced CA to have food, which they call couldn’t. Vanraj asks Anuj if they can take CA to Shah house for some time as CA needs a motherly figure, she gets along with Kavya well. Barkha says even if Anuj stays without CA, CA can’t stay without him. Ankush backs him. Hasmukh says both Barkha and Vanraj are right, he feels Anuj should let CA stay at Shah house for some time as she will normalize with Pari and Meenu. Anuj says they are right that CA needs motherly love, she can stay with them. Hasmukh says even he can visit them often and not feely lonely. Shahs take CA towards door when Anuj stops her.