Lost In Love Saturday Update 9 December 2023


Lost In Love Saturday Update 9 December 2023

Virat tells Sai that he wants her to be with Satya and not let Satya’s words affect her; he knows Satya also loves her immensely and will keep her happy, which he couldn’t till now. He says he knows he won’t be able to get out of here alive as terrorists hostaged helplessly, but they hate him and will not spare him alive; she should take her children, Satya, and family away from here. Sai asks him not to say that. Virat says she is more important for their children than him, he wanted to thank her always for giving good upbringing to Savi, she should good care of Vinu and make him a doctor like her. Sai says nothing will happen to her. She asks pilot if he is fine now and asks him to take deep breaths. Pilot says terrorists will not spare anyone, they have lots of bombs everywhere and will blast them all. Sai tries to free Virat. Terrorist walks in. Sai acts as treating pilot. Terrorist asks them to go back to their place as pilot is fine now. He warns Virat that he will not be spared.


Geetanjali forcefully takes copilot to cockpit and connects with police. She insists commissioner to let her speak to Ramakanth right now or else she will show a dhamaka right now. Commissioner asks her not to harm any passenger and calls Ramakanth. Geetanjali asks when will he meet her. Ramakanth says tonight they will have a dinner together. Commissioner sends Ramakanth away and asks Geetanjali to stop her drama now and send all passengers out. Geetanali says she will send everyone except Virat and his family. Commissioner says she promised to send everyone in exchange of Ramakanth, he needs all passengers or else will not send Ramakanth. She says he should wait for her dhamaka then. Commissioner asks team to relax as she will not harm anyone until Ramakanth is with them. Geetanjali asks aides to throw a dead plane staff’s body out. They do same.

Geetanjali provokes passengers against Chavans saying Virat caught her husband and got them all in trouble, she will free everyone except Virat’s family. Passengers asks why shall they suffer for Virat and his family’s mistakes. Bhavani asks how can they be so hypocrites. Savi says her family is good and terrorists are dirty, she will free them all from the terrorists. Geetanjali laughs on her and throws air marshal’s body out. Virat frees himself and peeps in. Commissioner thinks Geetanjali is killing all the passengers one by one. He informs Geetanali that he agrees to her terms and will send Ramakanth in exchange of passengers. Geetanjali asks what about Virat’s family. Commissioner says she can keep them with her and orders snipers to move away. Geetanjali asks passengers to get ready to leave. Virat finds Sai’s mobile and uses Savi and Vinu’s birthdate but fails to unlock it. He uses his and Sai’s wedding anniversary date and unlocks it. He thinks Sai still loves him. Bheema checks out and informs Geetanjali that Ramakanth is coming. Geetanjali asks all passengers except Virat’s family to get ready to leave. Virat messages commissioner to be alert and keep a bomb squad ready to defuse bombs.