Imlie Saturday 6th Update Chini’s Attempt To Kill Them


Imlie Saturday 6th Update Chini’s Attempt To Kill Them

Imlie Fails Chini’s Attempt To Kill Them

Imlie tells Atharva that still she has his memories in her heart, but in your heart there is memories of the time you have spent with Chini and your family’s memories. She says you can’t think from your heart, you have responsibility of your daughter too. Atharva is about to say that Kairi is their daughter, but stops saying Kairi is our… thinking today she had bear enough truth. He thinks you can’t handle the fact if I tell you truth that I have hidden a big truth from you. He thinks to tell her truth, but not today. He thinks if she doesn’t forgive me after knowing the truth. Imlie asks what you was telling about Kairi. He says Kairi loves you a lot. Imlie says even I love her. Atharva wants us to become friends. Imlie says you had strong friendship with Chini, and tells that if you wanted to connect with me again, then you have to break relation with Kairi’s mother, for that you have to search Chini.

Chini is hiding in the garage. Atharva calls her. Chini asks him not to say anything, but hear her. She says if I had not run, then they would have arrested me. She says they wanted to separate Kairi, you and me, that’s why I have to run. She says sorry and says she don’t want to go away from Kairi and him. She says I love you. He says love you too and says I am with you always, now and forever, you don’t need to explain to me.

Chini says I am very disturbed right now, so don’t do such joke. Atharva says I am not joking, I have realized how much I love you, being away from you. He tells her that he has booked tickets to Coimbatore and tells that they don’t much time. He tells that he will pick her and asks where is she? He says we will leave from here. Chini tells him that she is in the garage, which is 20 kms away from the city. He asks her to wait and says he will come there. All the family members come there. Anu tells that Chini…you are also like your Mother Malini, she had ruined her life for love and even you have done the same. Imlie tells Atharva that he was right, Chini has switched off his Mumbai phone and kept Goa phone on. Atharva says time has come to do everything fine, he has been doing wrong since 5 years and asks her if she will come with him. The Inspector tells Anu that she has to come with them for investigation.

Atharva comes to the Garage. Chini says welcome. She walks towards him and says you have come. He says ofcourse, I had to come to take you and asks her to come, says tickets are booked. Chini signs no and says you should have come alone to pick me. Atharva and Chini sees Imlie coming there. Imlie looks at her. Chini calls Atharva as cheat, and says I gave my life’s 5 years to me, whom I loved so much and you have brought her here. Imlie says it is called fraud, you didn’t love, but had broken our home. She says we can’t bear our loved one getting even a scratch, but you got Atharva’s accident done. Everyone comes there. Chini says Imlie is lying. Atharva tells that he has seen the video recorded by Dhairya. Chini says then I changed after that and was good to Kairi and you, and loved you both. She asks him to remember that he had left home because of Imlie. She reminds him that she was taking care of him for months, when he met with an accident. She says nobody was there, just I was with you. Imlie tells that you had told everyone that Atharva is (dead). Chini says I did your accident, but loves you and Kairi so much. Atharva asks her to shut up and says we were family in Goa, and says the family can’t be betrayed or used, and tells that you wanted to get my love, love is a blessing and you shall accept whatever you get, but you have taken Dhairya’s life. He asks Inspector to arrest her.

Chini gets angry and runs to take the firestick, and asks them to move back. She tells Atharva that for her love means war, and there are some rules of war, war is fought till the last breath and defeat is not accepted. She sets fire around herself and asks Atharva if he thought she will burn alone in this fire. She makes the kerosene oil fall on the circle which she had already made there. The fire is set around Imlie and Atharva also. Atharva gets worried for Imlie. Imlie shouts Atharva ji and asks him to be careful. All the family members panic. Atharva asks if she has gone mad? Chini asks them to be quiet and says old Chini will return, and says all the mistake is of audience, I became good Chini, but nobody is liking it, so see the same old drama. She tells Atharva that he shouldn’t have said I love you too, to her and says I have understood hearing it. She says I have done so much with your family, and you wanted me to bear the punishment, I am ready, but I am different, you all will burn. Chini throws the fire stick near the family members. They move back. The family members think that she has gone mad.

Imlie sits down. She tells Chini that you have heard Sita Maiyya’s story from my mother and me, but had forgotten that trust and love don’t burn in fire, they give agnipariksha and comes out fearless. She stands up and says my Mother used to hold fire on her palm and says nothing will happen to her. She asks Atharva to give belt and tells that she wants to prove that her love is truthful and it has so much madness that it makes the bad person remember their Nani. She asks Atharva to give the belt. Atharva gives the belt. Imlie uses the belt and makes the water drum falls down setting off the fire everywhere. Chini looks shocked. Imlie breaks the water pots and makes the place all wet. Atharva rushes to Imlie and says you did it. He asks if you are fine. She nods. He says you have risked your life for me, even after so much and asks her to stay with him. He asks her not to take revenge from him, as he had left her. Chini runs to leave from there, but Inspector comes infront of her. Chini snatches his gun. Inspector warns her to keep the gun down. Imlie tells that she will shoot. Imlie sees gun at other Police office and snatches it. She aims gun at Chini. Inspector says you both will be punished for taking law in your hands.