My Desire Saturday Update 4 November 2023


My Desire Saturday Update 4 November 2023

Samrat with Prem and constable reaches a warehouse where goons hostaged Nayantara. He tries to get inside. Constable stops him and says he should wait until he calls for a backup. Sam agrees. Prem starts crying worried for Nayan. Sam comforts him and asks him to be brave like Nayan. They hear a bullet sound. Prem ask if Nayan maa is safe. Constable also returns and says he heard bullet sound. Goon scolds his friend for firing a bullet. Friend says he is afraid of rats and shot one there. Sam tries to enter warehouse alone. Prem takes his mobile and plays police jeep siren. Goons get afraid and run away from there. Sam alone enters warehouse asking Prem and constable to wait outside. He searches for Nayan there.

Aaliya walks to Mansi and informs that Sam found bout about Nayan’s

kidnap and has reached warehouse. Mansi panics and calls goon who informs that they ran away from there after police came. Mansi asks if they saw police. Goon says they just heard jeep siren. Mansi orders him to kill Nayan at today at any cost. Goons agree and return to warehouse where they see Sam and attack him. Sam thrashes goons and ties them down. Mansi drives towards warehouse hoping Sam didn’t reach there before her. She calls her goon who doesn’t pick call. Boss displays on goon’s mobile. Sam tortures a good to reveal Nayan’s location. Goon says Nayan is in one of a bag here and would have died due to suffocation. Sam calls Nayan and starts tearing bags. Nayan hears him and tries to speak. Malati walks to Ishani and tells her that Nayan’s phone is not reachable, where is she. Ishani lies that she went to her friend’s house after job interview and asks her to go and sleep. Malati leaves. Mohit asks why did she lie to amma. Ishani says they don’t know if Nayan is found or not, lets wait til Samrat brings Nayan. Mohit calls Sam, but he doesn’t pick call. Ishani hopes Nayan and Samrat are safe Sam continues to call Nayan. Nayan rolls down her bag thinking she should inform Nayan about the real danger and ask him to go from there. Sam gets him out of bag and thanks god that he found her. Nayan asks him to go from there immediately and shows a bomb fixed behind her bag. She recalls how goon fixed bomb on her and says its activated once she is out of rice bag. She asks Sam to go from there and take care of her family and Prem, there is no chance of her survival at any cost. Sam says nothing will happen to her.
Inspector with his team reaches the spot. Constable informs that Samrat went up hearing a bullet sound. Inspector rushes up. Sam threatens goons to reveal how to defuse bomb. Goons say they really don’t know. Nayan continues to plead Sam to leave from there and he continues to refuse.