Radha Mohan Monday Update 4 March 2024


Radha Mohan Monday Update 4 March 2024

Radha is shivering when she notices that Kadambari has tried calling her, she thinks that Maa je is her last hope, Radha and Kadambari both try calling each other at the same time, when the network provider mentions that the number, they are trying to call is busy. Radha gets worried wondering why is she not able to reach anyone, Damini says she is going to try, Kadambari wonders if Damini has done something to Radha, so she asks her to put the phone on speaker, but it still says that the caller is busy now. Radha thinks before the battery of her phone completely dies she has to send Mohan jee a text. Damini mentions she will call her, but Kadambari explains she herself would call Radha, she even scolds Damini who tries to argue.

Radha is typing the text and is about to press the button send when she receives a call from Kadambari once again, Radha just says hello but then is shocked to see that her phone has switched off, she starts panicking wondering what is she going to do. Radha prays to Bihari jee thinking that she was not even send the text to Mohan jee, she wonders now who is going to come and save her, she sits down while crying. Kadambari exclaims she had just answered her call but now her phone is switched off, Radha sitting in the freezer prays to Bihari jee that this phone was the last hope she had of being saved, she starts crying wondering what can she do. Radha thinks that this is how she is supposed to die, Radha starts to pass out while she is trying her best to stay awake, she tries to cover her ears but falls due to the extreme cold. Radha gets dizzy, the blood once again starts flowing from her wrist. Radha recalls how Mohan jee told her that he lost Tulsi in this office so does not want to even lose Radha, she keeps remembering the times spent with Mohan jee, how they both have always protected each other, Mohan said that Radha knows how to read the hearts of people, she is just recalling the beautiful moments spent with Mohan. Radha exclaims that she was never able to say it to him but she desires to say this to him before dying, that she really loves him a lot, even her feelings would not change after death. Radha says that she will come back to fulfill the love story of Radha and Mohan which is still incomplete. Radha finally passes out.


Mohan sits up in the bed yelling the name of Radha, he feels that he is really sweating. Mohan opens the wardrobe causing his flute to fall down, he accidentally steps over it breaking the flute. Mohan picks it up in his arms, thinking how Radha gifted him this flute but it broke, he wonders what is happening to him due to which he is getting such a bad feeling that something bad is about to happen. Mohan leaves the room.

Radha once again wakes up taking a deep breath thinking how Mohan cursed her to also leave his life like Tulsi. Radha thinks she cannot die like this, because then Mohan jee would always blame himself, when he has just started smiling after so many hardships so her death would once again ruin his life, he will blame himself for the rest of his life. Radha thinks that Mohan would never be able to forgive himself, she tries her best to stand up however is not able to and falls, she starts screaming from pain when Radha thinks that he just acts of being angry, so is just like a child and she can not ruin his life after dying. Radha uses all of his strength to once again sit up but she falls down, hurting herself badly causing her to scream. Radha exclaims that her Gungun would once again become alone, she has a lot of things to do and send her to school and college, while making sure that she becomes an officer after growing up. Radha thinks she cannot leave Gungun like this, she once again gathers all the strength in her body, taking the name of Bihari jee she manages to finally stand up using the shelf as a support. Radha thinks she has to live for her Mohan jee, and the daughter Gungun but before anything she has to find a way out of this freezer, Radha wonders how can she stop this blood from flowing.

Mohan roaming in the house wonders why is he getting such bad thoughts, as the photo of Radha broke and he even fought with Gungun. He thinks that Radha called him and was trying to say something, he wonders if he should try calling her. Tulsi angrily says he should have at least listened to what Radha was trying to tell him. Mohan thinks he will call her but then puts the phone down wondering why is he worried for her when she has really irritated him. Mohan thinks that the breaking of her photo and the flute, why is he feeling that something bad is about to happen to her. Mohan mentions he is getting a strange feeling, Tulsi exclaims he fought with both the people whom he loves the most, so this is why he is feeling tensed.

Radha walking in the cold storage wonders how can she stop this blood from flowing, Radha sees the ice cream boxes so she gets the idea, Radha slowly removes the bandage placed around the injury, she starts screaming from pain while removing the last layer of the bandage, Radha then slowly picks some ice and places it over the injury, which causes it to burn so Radha starts screaming and crying. Radha then once again starts bandaging the injury on her wrist, she is about to fall but then holds the metal stand. Radha thinks that the blood has stopped flowing so she must find a way to get out from here, she exclaims Gungun should not be worried as her Radha is surely going to come back to her. Radha also exclaims that Mohan jee has fought with Gungun, so she would be really missing her and she has to return to her family. Radha turns to leave however she cannot remove her hand from the metal stand, Radha is shocked to realize that her hand has gotten stuck.