Radha Mohan Monday Update 25 March 2024


Radha Mohan Monday Update 25 March 2024

A person is scolding his wife saying why did she come out and does she feel good after being scolded so he instructs her to leave. Mohan is sitting on the couch, she says that Mohan jee would like to drink the tea which he makes, Dadi mentions once Koyal made the special tea for her after which she was admitted in the special ward of the hospital, Mohan asks if she is saying that he should take the risk, Koyal is serving him the tea but it accidentally falls on his shirt, Dadi gets furious and scolds her for ruining it. Mohan assures that nothing has happened and he would leave after taking the approval from Mandra jee. Koyal asks how can he leave so early, Mohan is shocked when Koyal realizes her mistake, she immediately says she meant how can he leave with this stain on his shirt, Mohan replies it is nothing to be worried about as he is fine, Dadi however says no one is going to let him leave with this stain so Koyal suggests she would give him a shirt of her elder brother Shiv. Mohan is forced to accept it and leaves with Koyal.


Koyal while walking with Mohan exclaims the shirt of her brother Shiv would be perfect match for him, she even takes a selfie with Mohan informing that she has her own page on insta, she further says how Mohan would be thinking that she is very lively girl, Mohan mentions he is only thinking that the tea is hot, Koyal says how would they get to talk, he asks what does she want to talk about, Koyal keeps asking him several questions about where he goes for work and which movies does he like to watch. Mohan explains her questions are very nice but his answers are boring since all his time is spent with his wife and daughter, Koyal is shocked when Mohan asks whist did she think since she is even younger then his younger sister, so he calls her Beta hearing which Koyal is shocked. Mohan shows Koyal the photo of Radha mentioning that she is his wife, he exclaims he would pray that she gets a very handsome person who cares for her without caring for her wealth. Koyal furiously goes to the wardrobe, thinking she thought so much about him but he is calling her as Beta. Koyal angrily takes a shirt for him and calls him Bhai, he says he has never heard anyone turn back on their words so quickly, she accidentally drops the photo while trying to pick her mobile, Mohan keeps staring at her when she leaves informing the servant would pick it up, Mohan picks the photo then calls Koyal asking if this is the photo of the neurosurgeon Shiv, he requests if he can meet him since he had operated on his Dadi. Koyal thinks that it would be risky if he meets Shiv Bhai, so she leaves telling Mohan that Shiv will get angry if he is disturbed, so he cannot meet Shiv today, he exclaims she got very furious with him, Mohan thinks that there might be reason for which he came to Banaras.

Radha is very excited and asks her father if it was Mohan jee on the phone, Ramaveshwar agrees when she says he got a very nice son in law who called him rather then his own wife which is because he cares for them both. Radha mentions she was emotionally broken when he was admitted in the hospital but then Mohan jee helped her gather the strength, Ramaveshwar says that he knows Radha got a very nice partner and he prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that their relation should grow strong. Radha hugs Dadi, then looking at the photo of her mother exclaim she is looking very beautiful. Radha requests her father to tell her anything about her mother as it has been a very long time. Ramaveshwar informs her mother was very beautiful by her looks and soul, he exclaims she loved them all. Radha exclaims she would surely have done something very good in her previous life that she got her as her mother, and whatever she is today is because of her. Radha mentions she would always have a resentment that her mother should have lived with her for some time so she could have some memories but she was taken away from them, Radha exclaims she really loves her mother wherever she is.

Mohan wears the shirt when he turns back, thinking that it would be Dr Shiv so he vows to meet him when he has come to his house. Mohan sees Dr Shiv playing the piano so slowly walks up beside him, he is about to place his hand on the shoulder of Shiv when Mandra holds his hand, she pulling him back questions why has he come here, Mohan explains they had to finalize the cover but his team was not able to reach her so he personally came here, Mohan shows her the designs when she is not even interested in looking at them, he says she has finalized the designs without even looking at them. Mandra exclaims that these are the designs of Bhagwat Geeta so what new could he do with it, he says that he thought she was a religious person and so accepted her order, but now feels that she is not interested in it, Mandra assures he would get his payment on time, Mohan questions if she thought he accepted the order because of payment, he says it was because of her Astha but now feels it was all a lie, he assures that he will deliver it on time as he does not have the habit of changing. Mohan mentions he had said she is just like Radha but she is not like her, Mandra mentions she has no interest is being like anyone else, Mohan says she can not even be like Radha as she does not take the benefit of anyone, Mandra mentions she is neither lied nor taken advantage of him. Mohan says he is feeling embarrassed that he compared her to Radha. Mohan says he does not know how she will like it but he wants to meet Dr Shiv because he operated on his Grandmother. Mandra questions why does Mohan not focus on his work as she needs the delivery of the Bhagwat Geeta on time, Mohan assures she will get it when he meets Dr Shiv but Mohan is shocked when he does not see Dr Shiv. Mandra exclaims she is sorry as he can meet Dr Shiv some other day, Mandra thinks how did Mohan reach her house and what if the Pandit jee was telling the truth.

Radha is sitting in the pooja with Gungun when she wonders what is taking Mohan so long, she calls him so he assures he will reach on time. Ramaveshwar tells that they have to complete this ritual before the arrival of Mohan, Dadi tells Radha they cannot wait for Mohan as the time for the pooja will end, Radha is about to start the pooja when Mohan calls her and he comes to sit beside her in the pooja, they both start the ritual. Mohan is shocked to see the photo of Mandra and he gets shocked.