Anupama Monday Update 25 December 2023


Anupama Monday Update 25 December 2023

Anupama asks Anuj which papers Maaya is talking about. Maaya laughs and says she is acting as if she is so innocent, she knows that Anuj is going behind her to USA and these papers are its evidence. Anupama looks at Anuj. Maaya says they both want to stay in USA and dump her here. Ankush what is her problem if Anuj shifts to USA. Maaya asks who is he to interfere between them. Ankush says he is Anuj’s brother. Maaya says she is Anuj’s responsibility. Ankush says she is a burden and his brother’s ill fate. Maaya says let it be as she doesn’t want to interact with a man like him. She throws a ticket on Anuj and asks why don’t he accept that he is going behind Anupama to USA. Anuj shouts why should he accept when he is going to USA on official work after month; he loves Anupama and she is his life; he would have booked a ticket next to Anupama if he wanted to; Maaya is just his foster daughter’s biological mother and nothing else, he was mad to take up her responsibility and is repenting for it; he doesn’t have to answer her, but since she is questioning his Anu and insulting her repeatedly, he is going to USA after a month on an official work.


Shah family gets concerned when they don’t get any call from Pakhi and others and hopes Maaya hadn’t created any drama there again. Leela prays god to keep everything right there. Maaya starts laughing. Anuj says her mad laugh doesn’t affect him. Maaya holds Anuj’s collar and shouts how dare he is to call her mad, they both made her mad. She mishandles Anupama and shouts why don’t she leave her, Anuj, and Little Anu alone and get out of their lives. Anuj stops her and protects Anupama. Maaya shouts why don’t Anupama die. Everyone stand shocked. Anuj angrily turns towards Maaya. Kinjal speaks to Little Anu and informs family that Maaya is behaving weirdly and threw away aarti’s thali. Leela says she knew this would happen, earlier they troubled Anupama and now Maaya is troubling Anupama.

Kanta gives a tight slap to Maaya. Barkha is shocked and says now she knows from where Anupama learnt to give a tight brain-shaking slap. Kanta warns Maaya that she will slap her again if she dares to question her daughter again; she doesn’t want to know what is between her and Anuj, she doesn’t want Maaya to be even near Anupama. She questions Anuj if this is the farewell he wanted to give to Anupama; when he has a loose bull at home, he shouldn’t invite anyone home or else keep the bull chained; at least Shahs are way better than Anuj who at least gave a good farewell to Anuapama; Anuj made repeated mistakes by visiting Maaya and taking up her responsibility; why Anuj kept Maaya with her; why he wants to go to America out of the whole world; why he arranged a farewell for Anupama and get her humiliated by Maaya; why didn’t he admit mental Maaya to a mental assylum; why don’t he understand as a businessman that he can’t get moksh/eternity if he goes behind maaya, etc. She tells Anu that this place doesn’t deserve her and says let’s go from here.

Anuj apologizes Anupama for all the mistakes he made and recounts all his mistakes and says he is ashamed. Anupama feels sorry for him. Kanta and Bhavesh tell Anupama let’s go from here. Maaya throws Anupama’s bags and shouts to get out of here as Anuj belongs to only her. Barkha says Maaya really has lost her mind. Adhik says its good Kanta slapped her and not Anupama or else Maaya would have lost it completely. Anuj warns Maaya that enough of her nonsense now, he was tolerating her as she is daughter’s biological mother, she crossed all her limits, etc. He tells Kanta that she was right that Anu doesn’t deserve to be in this place and requests her to take Anupama from there. Anupama walks with Kanta and Bhavesh looking at Anuj. Pyar Hum Ko Bhi Hai.. song plays in the background.