Monday Update on This is Fate 28th January 2019

Rakhi assures Sarla they will get Janki treated by the best of doctors. Bee ji says first they must initially wait as per doctor’s instructions, she thanks Rakhi for always helping them. Rakhi was obliged, she feels bad for Preeta to suffer so much on the day of her roka. Kareena stands up at once […]

Monday Update on This is Fate 21 January 2019

Rishab comes from behind coughing, Sherlin takes him inside afraid about Prithvi. Preeta sat upset about not finding a proof against Sherlin. Karan calms her down when they hear Sherlin and Rishab enter. Preeta panics that Sherlin would treat her badly now. Karan calms her down. Sherlin brings Rishab inside, she notices the room light […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 20th January 2019

Janvi is excited about going on a bus. Ganga notices Pulkit. I want to say something important. Madhvi tells her to keep the bags in the bus first. Later, check if Maharaj ji has got the food ready. Amma ji and Madhvi request Niru again to come with them. Niru agrees. Ganga knows Madhvi does […]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 21st Jan 2019

Woman scolding the shooter. Shooter says he will kill Abhi now. Woman says many people must have seen you and took your video. Abhi says we shall stay at here. Pragya says we shall do something so that he runs away. She says she will peep outside and then you take car near him. He […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 14th Jan 2019

Ganga finishes her puja and leaves with Pooja. Pooja can see Ganga loves Sagar with all her heart. But I worry for you. Sagar is in abroad. He might have changed. Ganga smiles at her. You worry too much for me. She tells Pooja about her relation with Sagar. Pooja tells her to ask Sagar […]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 14th Jan 2019

Aaliya asks her to bring proof if she wants to prove herself. Tanu accepts the challenge. Disha packs bag for Purab. He asks why she’s doing all that. He’s used to it. She says he was alone before, but not anymore. Pragya and Abhi come there. Abhi says he could have gone day after. Purab […]

Monday Update on This is Fate 14th December 2019

In the room, Preeta was nervous watching Karan shirtless, then decides to treat him as a patient. She sends Sameer to bring a hot water bottle, an ice pack and some muscle relaxant. She asks Karan to straighten up as she gives him a massage. Karan bends over her, Preeta says it’s a bad muscle […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 7th January 2019

Prabha is at home and thinks what if Ram ji caught her, she could not live without her necklace. She wears the necklace and says she looks a real queen. Ratan comes and gives her medicines for her leg pain. She says she has fever and covers herself with blanket to hide necklace. She asks […]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 7th January 2019

Pragya is about to kiss him. Abhi asks her to wait and says this will happen on terrace. Abhi asks her to wear clothes and give him a kiss to make the moment special. Pragya asks what is this? Abhi says it is a gift which will look good on his fuggy. Pragya smiles and […]

Monday Update on This is Fate 7th January 2019

Rakhi comes home, Dadi ji was emotional at her return. The nurse asks them to take rest. Shrishti comes outside with the wrapper. Mohan recognizes a girl brought this, he says it was Sherlin, the bride. Shrishti was shocked to hear and wonders how this is possible. Kappu says there is something wrong. Shrishti says […]