Radha Mohan Monday Update 11 March 2024


Radha Mohan Monday Update 11 March 2024

Tulsi thinks she has to go and quickly inform Mohan then bring him here as Radha is around the cold storage, Radha reaches the end of the vent, she seeing the bag hanging in mid air realizes it is Tulsi so tries calling her but is not able to do it, Tulsi then leaves dropping the bag seeing which Radha gets saddened, mentioning she is here so Tulsi should not leave her as she has already suffered a lot.

Mohan is hanging by the ropes when the Inspector explains he feels good after eating the ice cream, and blames Mohan for forcing him to do this exercise in such a hot weather. Mohan starts thinking of the time when he was arguing with Radha and how said it would be better if she leaves like just like Tulsi, Mohan suddenly screams the name of Radha hearing which the Inspector drops the ice cream, Mohan angrily tries to pull the rope so that he can be free, Inspector says Mohan can try to struggle all he wants, Mohan angrily demands he should be released but the Inspector says no one leaves their grip once they get a hold of someone, he is smiling.


Damini crying explains she can never harm Mohan, she explains she also loves Mohan a lot if not like her, kadambari exclaims it is enough explaining that she must reach the police station, Gungun informs they both are not going to stop like this, she suggests they should lock Damini and Kaveri in the room and take their phones, Kaveri informs she is her Grandmother and not a criminal, Kadambari instructs Rahul to lock them both in the room and not forget to take their phones, Damini kneels in front of Kadambari explaining she would not do anything wrong, kaveri exclaims Kadambari should take Damini with her as she is not going to do anything wrong, Kadambari angrily asks Damini to come ass they do not have that much time to waste, Kaveri prays that her daughter should be protected.

Radha sitting in the vent mentions if there is any relation in this world without which the life is meaning less then it is of a mother an daughter, as a mother is really important for the up bringing of their children. Radha exclaims if anything happens to her then what would happen to Gungun, she exclaims she has to stay alive.

Inspector once again enters the cell mentioning Mohan should scream all he desires but he would rot here, he is about to beat Mohan when Kadambari angrily warns him to not even think of touching her son, Mohan is relieved to see his mother.

Radha thinks if Tulsi came here then Mohan jee would be close by but Tulsi would not be able to give her any sign, so she has to get out from this vent as Mohan jee might leave, Radha once again starts trying to crawl through the vent, which starts shaking due to her weight, she however does not lose hope and is just crawling with all her strength.

The inspector questions who let these people enter, Damini asks Kaveri what is she doing here, she says how could have she left her here alone so she followed her. The Inspector asks the constable to lock the cell, he questions who let them inside when the lady constable informs that they pushed her and entered the police station. Kadambari starts crying seeing Mohan, Gungun also explains he is really bleeding.

Tulsi tries to touch Mohan but is not able to do it due to the vow which he made her swear, she thinks Mohan is in so much pain but she cannot do anything, and relieve him of this pain. Damini asks who has done this to her Mohan, the inspector replies he is the one who did it and questions what can she do about it, Damini demands he should release Mohan, the inspector asks if she thinks he is the servant of her father mentioning Mohan would rot in this cell, Kaveri warns him to not talk about her dead husband, threatening to curse him.

Tulsi gets furious seeing the condition of Mohan so she causes the lights in the police station to flicker, everyone gets worried seeing t happening, the constable wonders what is going on as they never experience it. Damini realizes what is going on, Kadambari also gets worried so realizes that Tulsi is causing this fluctuation.

Radha tries her best to crawl out of the vent but she gets tired so sits against the side of the vent, she thinks she has to reach Mohan jee before they leave, she once again starts crawling. Thinking this is the only way which she can use to get out from this place, she thinks she would be trapped for just a few more minutes, Radha hearing the vent trembling wonders what sort of noise is this.