Imlie Monday 15 Update Mr Sharma Plots Against Imlie

Revati offers prasad to family and thanks god that Imlie got a job now and can take good care of herself and Kairi. Imlie walks in and says they didn’t give her that chance. Devika asks her to come in as she is visiting them after a long time. Imlie says she will feel alone if she comes in as they all think she is useless and hence made a deal with Mr Chopra to give her a job in exchange of a business deal with D and R Rana company. Rudra says Chopra is his old friend and he just had a casual conversation with him. Imlie says she heard Rudra and Chopra’s conversation. Keya says she should be thankful to Rudra instead for getting her a job, she couldn’t herself got a job due to her incapability, even last time Rudra made her COO of his company without interviewing her, etc. Imlie says Rana chose her over his 2 sons as he found her competent and she agreed to help him, but this time he thinks she is incompetent and can’t take care of herself and Kairi.

Atharva requests her to accept this job for Kairi’s sake and says she is doing the same mistake he did 5 years ago. Imlie says he can’t compare his mistake to her decision, he had stolen a few-hour-old Kairi from her without even thinking about Kairi’s future, she is teaching Kairi to be strong and self-dependent like her. She continues to tongue lash him for his mistakes and leaves from there. She reaches society and notices Kairi’s friends refusing to share their doll with Kairi and insulting her saying her mother is poor and her father doesn’t stay with her. Sharma walks to Imlie and asks her to cooperate with him if she wants to fulfill her desires and daily needs. Imlie tongue lashes him for his cheap thinking and warns to expose him if he ever tries to come near her. Sharma determines to punish Imlie for reject his advances.

Imlie then prepares dolls and tries to cheer up Kairi mimicking dolls. Kairi says she doesn’t need those ugly dolls and throws them away. She demands to return to Rana house as she has her dolls and friends there. Imlie sternly refuses and gets angry. Kairi walks away crying. Atharva notices that. Kairi’s friends walk to her with dolls and asks if these dolls belong to her. She says no. They say they are so pretty and god’s gifts for them. Kairi takes her dolls back and plays with them. Imlie feels happy seeing that. Atharva smiles from a distance. Imlie then walks to him and hugs him tightly emotionally. Jo Tum Na Ho.. song plays in the background. Sharma clicks their pics and determines to defame Imlie. After some time, Imlie gets into her senses. Atharva says its okay if she hugs a handsome man. Imlie and his conversation continues…