Imlie Friday 5th Update Atharva Is Guilt Stricken


Imlie Friday 5th Update Atharva Is Guilt Stricken

Ginni tells family that Chini had snatched her Atharva bhaiya from them for 5 years and took Dhairya away forever. Atharva says its not Chini’s but his mistake, he is ashamed of himself for blindly trusting Chini. He says Chini told him that she found Dhairya’s accident at his accident site and family has replaced him with Dhairya, he blindly believed Chini for 5 years and stayed away from family. He says Imlie tried her best to convince him that Dhairya didn’t try to kill him and showed Chini’s truth multiple times, but he never trusted her. He apologizes Imlie and pleads to forgive him. He says he would have continued to misunderstand Imlie his whole life if Chini had deleted footage from Dhairya’s mobile. Imlie days it didn’t happen though. Inspector asks if they know where Chini must have gone.

Anu tries to escape silently. Shivani stops her and says she is Chini’s grandma who was with Chini when she eloped and she is the one who spoilt Chini. Anu shouts she is not anyone’s grandma and doesn’t know where Chini is. She thinks she will keep the police busy to let Chini go far away. Chini hides in a garage and thinks police can’t reach here. She recalls Atharva’s promise to hire a good lawyer for her and thinks Atharva will save her for sure. Family warns Anu to stop her drama and reveal where Chini is. Inspector orders subordinates to look out for Chini at all bus stops, railway stations, and airports.

Imlie cries sitting in a corner recalling Atharva’s mistrust towards her. Atharva walks to her crying. Imlie says his tears are true today, she heard a lot of truth today and can’t handle anymore truth. She describes how much she sufffered in 5 years due to hatred for her. Atharva describes how wrong towards her and then expresses how much he loves her. He then cries lying on her lap. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song plays in the background. After sometime, Atharva returns Imlie’s locket. Imlie says this locket was his memory for her for 5 years. Atharva requests her to accept him back. Imlie says he had already accepted Chini and Kairi is the evidence of that, he has Kairi’s responsibility on him and concentrate on Kairi. Atharva tries to say that Kairi is her daughter but stops.

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