Destined by Fate Friday 5th Update 2024

Vikrant continues to show his romantic side to Sayuri and dances with her on Assalame Ishqum.. song. Kuku shows sketches Sayuri. Kanha asks if a woman with Vikrant is her mamma or Sayuri. Kuku signals her mamma. Kanha notices another sketch and asks where Vikrant has hidden Sayuri. She signals Vikrant’s house. Kanha promises to protect her. Sayuri dancing with Vikrant thinks Vikrant will not let her die, so she should continue to act as supporting him.

Kanha shows Kuku’s made sketches to family and says these sketches reveal whole story, how Vikrant kidnapped Sayuri and is kept her as hostage. Nakul says they will go and save sayuri. Kanha asks Kuku if she is ready to accompany him. Dhanraj asks him not to take a small kid with him. Kanha says he visited Vikrant’s house many times and couldn’t find a secret place where he has kept Sayuri, so he needs Kuku to take him there. He leaves with Nakul, Yash, and Kuku. Saroj thinks Kanha doesn’t care about himself when its a question of Sayuri. Rashmi thinks she can’t let Sayuri return home and take over the house’s control from her again.

Kanha with Nakul, Yash, and Kuku reaches Vikrant’s house. Kuku shows him room’s direction. Kanha asks Yash and Kuku to take care of Kuku and walks in. Sayuri falls down purposefully and injures herself. Vikrant thinks it as drama, but then seeing blood first-aids her. Sayuri sprays pain spray on Vikrant’s eyes and runs out. She bumps on Kanha. They both stand looking at each other. Phir Le Aaya.. song plays in the background. Vikrant grabs Sayuri and points gun on her. He warns Kanha to let her take Sayuri with him. Kanha and Vikrant’s long verbal argument continues. Vikrant wins the argument and threatens Sayuri to say last goodbye to Kanha. Sayuri asks Kanha not to follow her as their togetherness in this life was only till here.