Faltu Friday Update 5th Ayesha meets with an accident


Faltu Friday Update 5th Ayesha meets with an accident

The Episode starts with Govind asking Janardhan to explain Kanika once, how will they manage the business if they remove Ayaan from the company. Harsh agrees. Janardhan says Kanika can pull back the investment, she kept this condition and asked us to remove Ayaan from business, family comes first and we have to think of our family. Kanika comes and says I hope you all have no problem with my decision. Ayaan comes and asks what happened, why are you all so tensed, all okay. Harsh says we called you to tell some imp decision, Kanika and Janardhan have decided that you won’t get involved in this business. Ayaan asks what. Govind says everything will get fine in few days and you can rejoin. Janardhan says no, you have no right on the family business when you have chosen that girl by going against the family, I m removing you from the business. Ayaan says fine, I will resign today itself, you got me here and you have a right to remove me, I didn’t wish to join business but I did that for your sake, I can now live my life guilt-free and as I want. He leaves. Kanika calls Tanu and says we have removed Ayaan from business. Tanu says thanks, I will snatch everything and make him alone, he won’t get anyone except me. Kanika asks her to be careful. Tanisha asks her not to worry. She says I will change the game this time. Kanika says I m always with you.

Sid says Tanu acts helpless, but she is planning so much. Sumitra says you shouldn’t marry Tanu. Sid says I love her. She asks her to focus on Kanika. Sid says I know, I will prove that I m the best for Tanu. Sumitra says if you marry Tanu, then she will rule on this house, not me. He says I will handle everything, I have thought something to get Tanu and Ayaan divorced. Ayesha says I will also come for shopping. Faltu says no, if anything goes wrong, then it will be a problem. Tanisha says we can’t deny to Faltu. Ayesha asks Faltu to please agree. Faltu says okay, but you promise you won’t have any chaat. Ayesha promises. Ayaan walks on the road. He comes in front of a car. The man scolds him. Ayaan thinks I can’t believe dad has changed so much, I feel everything will change from today, Faltu just be with me. Faltu feels restless about Ayaan. Tanisha says I will get a good makeover for you. Faltu says we will call Ayaan. Tanisha asks don’t you trust me. Faltu says no, I didn’t mean that. Ayesha says I will go inside. Tanu says I will get my bag and come. They see a speeding car towards Ayaan. Faltu runs and saves Ayesha. Tanisha also runs to Ayesha. Ayesha faints. They rush Ayesha to the hospital. Doctor asks them to call Ayesha’s husband, he has to sign the bond. Tanisha says I will sign the bond papers, you start the treatment. She goes on a call. Faltu asks Tanisha to sign the papers. Tanisha asks Faltu to sign. She says I will inform everyone, don’t waste time. Faltu signs the form. She asks will anything happen to baby. Tanisha says you should have not got Ayesha with us, it will be a big drama now. Faltu cries.

Sumitra says I got the old papers to laminate, I have got the kids’ certificates and important documents, its imp, we may need any paper. Dadi asks what’s happening here. Savita tells her. Sumitra says papers are imp these days. Dadi says I m hearing her talk something sensible for the first time. Sumitra says give anything else if you want, Ayaan’s Kundli isn’t here, give it to me. Savita makes excuses.

Sumitra says fine, you can decide, I will go and give these papers to Amar ji. Dadi asks what is she doing. Savita says maybe she is doubting us, she heard Janardhan and me talking. Sumitra hears them and says I will find out the truth, there is something in Ayaan’s kundali. Dadi says I have the kundli in my cupboard, and I won’t let Sumitra get the keys. Sumitra says I will get the kundli. Tanu calls Savita and says Ayesha met with an accident, we are at the hospital. Savita asks what. Tanisha says Ayaan asked me to take Faltu on shopping, Ayesha said she will come, I asked her not to come but Faltu got her along, Ayesha and her baby are critical, doctor said anything can happen. Dadi asks Savita what’s the matter. Savita shouts Kinshuk. Ayaan comes and says Kinshuk is at office, what happened. Savita says Tanu had called. Ayaan picks the phone and talks to Tanu. He says calm down, I m reaching there. Savita says Faltu has ruined it. Ayaan says just come with me. Dadi says Sumitra, tell everyone, I will do jaap in the temple. Sumitra says I will call Sid. She thinks of an idea and smiles. She says I will get a chance to find Ayaan’s Kundli. She prays for Ayesha and her baby. She says I have to do something to bring the kundli in front of everyone.