Twist Of Fate Friday Update 10 November 2023


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 10 November 2023

Constables locking Ranbir in the lock up. Prachi turns her face. Payal says he is staring at you. Inspector asks lady constable to get her complaint written in detail. He asks her to get the time written. Payal goes to get her complaint written in detail. Inspector asks Prachi to wait as her signatures are needed for the witness. Ranbir asks Prachi why she is doing this? He asks why you want to get me arrested with Payal’s help, and asks if she is taking revenge on him. Prachi asks do you think that I am taking revenge on you. She says I am supporting the truth and tells her that everyone have different perspective. She says what is right according to you, is what you are doing and Payal is doing what she is saying right and I am supporting the truth. Ranbir says Payal

is lying. Prachi says she is a girl and can’t spoil others’ life due to her. Ranbir says she is ruining my life. Prachi says she will not play with her own’s respect, and says something wrong might have happen. Ranbir asks her to tell what had happened? Prachi says I was not there. Ranbir asks then what you are doing here? Prachi asks if you have any right on me that you are questioning me and asks him not to talk to her. Ranbir says even I am not dying to talk to you and asks why you didn’t tell me when you are alive. Prachi says I will not tell the same thing again and again. She goes. Inspector looks at him. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything. Payal gives her statement. Lady constable asks her not to worry. Payal thanks Prachi for helping her. Prachi asks are you sure, that he was Ranbir. Payal says I am a girl and why I will lie about my respect, and asks if I will not know who has misbehaved with me. She says I didn’t want to file the complaint, you supported me and gave me strength. Prachi says I don’t think that he can do this. Payal says he looks innocent and humble man, but this is the truth which I got it written. She says everyone in the office thinks that he respects woman, and says his real face is something else. She says I wouldn’t have blamed him if everyone was fine in the family and tells that his wife is dead and he is frustration and that’s doesn’t mean that he will do this with any girl. Inspector asks Constable to let Ranbir call.


Pallavi and Dida come there. Dida asks who arrested you, I will break his bones. Pallavi and Dida ask Inspector to leave him. Pallavi asks what did he do? Inspector says he tried to molest a girl. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything. Pallavi stops Ranbir and tells Inspector that she knows what her son can do, and asks how dare you to arrest my son. She asks do you think that he can do this. Dida says people swear about his truthfulness. Inspector says everyone regards their son as innocent. Pallavi asks Inspector who has filed the case. Ranbir says we need lawyer. Dida says Aryan is coming. Pallavi asks who has filed the case. Inspector asks them to meet her, and signs at Prachi saying she has filed the report. Pallavi and Dida see Prachi. Inspector says she had come with Payal and the latter accused Ranbir of molestation. They get shocked seeing Prachi. Prachi touches Dida’s feet and hugs her. She is about to touch Pallavi’s feet, but she moves back. Aryan comes there and says sorry to Ranbir. Ranbir signs him to look at Prachi. Aryan says Prachi. Prachi says she is alive. Ranbir nods his head. Pallavi says you came now and is touching our feet, that means that you regard us as yours. She touches her face and says your regard me as your mother, and says I have right to ask you, and asks where was you, since long back. She asks why you didn’t return, and says we thought that our Prachi comes infront of us, then I hug you and take you home. She says our home is not home without you. She says not just Ranbir, even we missed you. She says Ranbir never accepted that you are dead and told always that you are near us. He says he didn’t believe when Inspector told that he found your body. She says you came infront of us today and sent him to jail. She asks what did he do? Prachi leaves. Pallavi asks her to wait. Ranbir says she is with that girl who accused me. Lawyer comes and bails him out. Ranbir thanks Inspector and goes. Prachi sits in the car and thinks why the car is not starting.

She gets down. Ranbir comes there and tells that she has already hurt him. Prachi asks him to solve his problem and not to follow her. He says you returned and then got me arrested. Prachi says I was just helping her. Ranbir says that girl said that I had molested her. Prachi says if I had known that you are involved then I wouldn’t have interfere. Ranbir says that’s because you know me well, that I can’t do this. Prachi says she don’t want to answer. She says you don’t have right to ask me any questions and sits in her car. Ranbir asks her to answer. Prachi refuses and drives off. Ranbir sits in the auto and goes behind her.

Aryan says he will bring the car. Pallavi tells Dida that Prachi has always troubled Ranbir. She says when we thought that everything will be fine, but Prachi snatched everything. She says now my son and I will cry day and night.

Ranbir asks auto driver to drive fast. Auto driver refuses to ride fast and says accident can happen. Ranbir says she will go away, and asks him to ride fast. He asks Prachi to stop the car. Prachi refuses. The auto driver tells that if anyone sees him teasing the girl sitting in his auto, then what will say. He stops the auto. Ranbir gets down and asks auto driver to see what happened to his auto. Auto driver gets down to check. Ranbir sits in the auto and asks him not to worry. He starts riding it fast. Prachi thinks why auto driver is riding fast.

Prachi driving the car, while Ranbir is driving the auto. She doesn’t see the auto behind and thinks thank god, he is not behind. She sees Ranbir standing in the middle of the road infront of the auto. Prachi is about to hit him but stops the car. She gets down. Ranbir asks why didn’t you tell me, when you was alive. He asks why you didn’t return? Prachi says she already answered him. Ranbir asks her to say it again as he was not happy with her answer. He asks why she is showing attitude. Prachi asks him to get habitual to her attitude. They argue. Prachi says I don’t care what you think about me. Ranbir says even I don’t care what you think about me.

Pallavi is worried for Ranbir. Vikram comes to Pallavi and Dida, and asks if everything is fine. He says I couldn’t reply to your messages and tells that he had given his phone for repair, when he took it after office, then he saw her messages and says in last message you had written that you are going to PS. He says we shall go. Dida tells him that someone accused Ranbir of molestation. Vikram says I will talk to Inspector. Pallavi says Aryan got his bail. Vikram asks who filed case against Ranbir. Pallavi says Prachi. He asks our Prachi. He asks if Ranbir molested her? Dida says some other girl accused him and Prachi is supporting him. They get worried for Ranbir and leaves. Payal asks lady constable where is Prachi. The lady constable says she has left. Payal sees Ranbir not there, and asks Inspector where is Ranbir Kohli, and tells that he has run away. Inspector says he didn’t run as he is bailed. She asks how he can get bail so early. Inspector says he is bailed and left. Payal cries Prachi.


Payal calls Prachi, but she doesn’t pick her call and switches off her phone. Prachi thinks of Ranbir accusing her in past and then confronting her for not returning back. She stops the car. The people ask her to start the car. Ranbir hits the punching bag and says you was in the hotel too, it was not my illusion. He says I saw you in hotel and there also I asked you, where were you in all these years. Prachi comes home. Shahana asks where was you, it is late. Prachi recalls Payal’s words and says how he can do this? Ranbir says why you are blaming me for everything. Prachi says why that girl will lie? Shahana asks her to tell clearly. Ranbir says you like to play with my feelings and emotions, I waited for you every day, you returned, but to get me arrested. Prachi says today I met Ranbir? Shahana asks what you are saying? Vikram, Pallavi, Dida and Aryan come to Ranbir and ask him to stop, says blood is coming from your hand. He hugs him, Ranbir says this is nothing dad, he has more pain than this. Dida asks him to calm down. Shahana says Ranbir can’t do this, and tells that you know Ranbir, he can’t do this, you shouldn’t have got him arrested. Prachi says I thought he is not irresponsible, but my Panchi. Shahana asks her to forget it. Prachi says I can’t forget, and says my heart is broken, I am feeling as if I have given her birth now. She says she can’t forget and hugs her, and cries.

Pallavi applies ointment on Ranbir’s injury. He says thanks mom, but my wounds are deep that nobody can heal it. He gets up. Pallavi asks where you are going? Ranbir says I am where, I am. He says I will take shower. Dida cries. Pallavi says I will stay in his room. Vikram says all his wounds are becoming fresh now. Aryan says Ranbir haven’t forgotten Prachi. Pallavi says I will stay here. Vikram asks her to leave him alone for sometime.

Shahana tells Prachi that someone came. Payal comes there and tells that she got worried when she was not picking the call. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? Prachi signs Shahana. Shahana takes Dadi from there. Dadi asks her to tell what has happened? She gives her swear and asks her to tell her truth. Shahana says I will tell you and asks her not to react. She takes her from there. Payal tells Prachi that Ranbir is bailed out and says he can do anything with you. she says he is not rich, but he has good contacts. She says he will destroy my life, and tells that her boyfriend left her, and now she has lost the job also. She says may be I may not get married also, and says she shouldn’t have file case and says she filed case due to her. Prachi says I said right and tells that if you get scared then it will be wrong. She says you will be fine and move on. She says you will feel low and think that all the people are against you, but when you shall not lose hope, same people will appreciate you. Payal tells that she will not get job and her family will be hungry. Prachi asks her not to worry about job, and says she will see what to do. Payal asks Prachi to keep the phone with her. Prachi assures that she is with her.