Anupama Friday Update 17 November 2023


Anupama Friday Update 17 November 2023

Vanraj and Barkha smile at Kanta when she passes by and discuss they need to be careful with their plan. Ankush announces Sample/Samar and Dimpy’s performance. Samar gets emotional missing Sweety. Dimpy frowns and thinks why these people start crying often; Pakhi didn’t even think once before skipping her brother’s wedding and her brother is crying for her. Samar says he fights with Pakhi and even loves her more than anyone else. Anupama cheers him up saying god hides good for them always; Sweety will be back, but his special moments will not return. Vanraj says she is right. Samwr and Dimpy dance on Kar Thaiya Thaiya.. song. Everyone clap after their performance. Anupama performs their nazar and insists Kavya to go and dance on stage. Kavya refuses. Anupama asks if she is fine. Kavya says yes and is absolutely fine here.


Ankush then performs on Yamma Samar and Toshu join him. Anupama gets sad seeing Maaya touching Anuj repeatedly. Everyone clap after their performance. Kinjal takes over as host and asks whose performance is next now. Maaya excitedly says her and Anuj’s and drags Anuj on stage. Vanraj says he and Anupama will also perform as parents. Anuj recites a poem in his mind looking at Anupama. They all 4 perform on Humko Maloom Hai Ishq Masoom Hai.. song. Anuj dances looking at Anupama and recalls the events happened leading to separating from her. He imagines an invisible wall between them. They break it with great difficulty. Anuj say he wants tell her what happened when he left Mumbai to meet her. Anupama asks him to tell her then. Anuj gets out of imagination and thinks he will reveal the secret he is hiding in his heart since 1 month.

After their performance, family joins and dances on Punjabi Wedding Song… song. Anupama drags Kavya on stage. Vanraj walks to Kavya. Kavya walks aside. She then feels nauseous and rushes to bathroom. Anupama follows her. Maaya notices Anuj looking at Anupama and fears he will reveal the secret to her. Maaya comes out of bathroom. Anupama suspiciously asks if she is pregnant. Kavya nods yes. Anupama excitedly hugs and congratulates her and performs her nazar. She asks if she got all the tests done and if the baby is fine. Kavya says everything is fine and says she is very happy that she got a reason to live because of this child. She describes how she always wanted to have a child, but Vanraj didn’t want to; she used to get jealous seeing Anupama with her children, but then got happy when Pari was born and considered her as her daughter, etc. Anupama asks if she informed Vanraj about it. Kavya says no as he didn’t even bother to find out where and how she is.

Anupama says she should inform Vanraj as maybe their differences will clear because of this child. She suggests her not to stay alone during her pregnancy. Kavya says Anupama is going or else she would have stayed with her. Anupama says she can call her anytime and describes the happiness a mother feelings when the baby is born. She talks to baby and asks her/him to take care of herself/himself and baby. Kavya feels happy, then asks if she spoke to Anuj. Anupama recalls Anuj trying tell what happened when he left Mumbai to meet her and then Vanraj interfering. She says sometimes a few words have to be spoken and listen, she is just waiting for Anuj to speak. Vanraj searches for Anupama. Anupama asks Kavya to live each moment fully. Vanraj looks at them. Anupama goes to correct her sari. Anuj silently tries to leave behind her. Maaya gets tensed noticing that. Anuj stops to divert her attention and then meets Anupama.